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10 Best Korean Fashion Brands You Need to Know

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Fashion Brands You Need to Know
Best Korean Fashion Brands

Best Korean Fashion Brands

Seoul, Korea, is rapidly solidifying its position as a prominent global fashion hub, and this trend is exemplified by the burgeoning popularity of Seoul Fashion Week. The statistics of recent years offer undeniable evidence of this shift. Beyond the quantitative figures, Korean fashion brands has seamlessly integrated itself into our seasonal wardrobe choices, gifting us with a delightful fusion of enduring essentials and bold fashion statements.

In the world of fashion, South Korea stands as a leading force, not only within Asia but also on the global stage. This phenomenon can be attributed, in part, to the ever-expanding popularity of stylish K-pop celebrities like BTS, G-Dragon and BLACKPINK. Additionally, the surge in the number of homegrown luxury Korean fashion brands has significantly contributed to this trend.

To provide you with a comprehensive overview, we have curated a list of the most intriguing Korean fashion brands that should be on your radar in 2023.


THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Fashion Brands You Need to Know
Best Korean Fashion Brands – BTS BIGHIT (ADER ERROR)

ADER error stands out as one of South Korea’s most exhilarating Korean fashion brands. Since its inception in 2014, this fashion studio’s central philosophy revolves around the innovative reinterpretation of often neglected and commonplace clothing items into compelling and easily adaptable forms.

From oversized reversible knitwear that’s been artistically “edited” to the transformation of varsity jackets into stylish coats, their approach to fashion is characterized by experimental tailoring, seamlessly elevating cherished wardrobe essentials into unequivocal fashion statements.

Ader Error’s primary focus lies in articulating the often-overlooked aspects of people’s daily lives, aiming to introduce a fresh cultural perspective through the reimagining of various cultural elements encompassing photography, design, art, and even furniture.

2. Mardi Mercredi

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Fashion Brands You Need to Know
Best Korean Fashion Brands – Kim Go Eun (Mardi Mercredi)

Mardi Mercredi draws inspiration from the realm of contemporary French design, resulting in a brand that encapsulates a succinct yet sophisticated ambiance in its distinctive seasonal collections.

With a penchant for refinement, the brand’s offerings exude an air of elegance that remains consistent throughout their archives. Notably, Mardi Mercredi has also extended its reach to Japan, where its appeal has garnered considerable attention and a growing fan base.


THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Fashion Brands You Need to Know
Best Korean Fashion Brands – BTS (MÜNN)

MÜNN, a dynamic fashion brand, adheres to the principle of “making it unfamiliar,” aiming to revolutionize the fashion landscape by introducing fresh approaches to pattern fusion, sewing techniques, and intricate details.

This philosophy drives their quest to reimagine conventional norms and present innovative concepts. Notably, MÜNN’s prominence soared, particularly after BTS members donned the brand’s jackets and shirts, further elevating its popularity and making it a notable player in the fashion realm.


THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Fashion Brands You Need to Know
Best Korean Fashion Brands – Red Velvet (MINJUKIM)

MINJUKIM, the brainchild of the talented designer Minju Kim, gained widespread recognition when she emerged as the winner of Netflix’s inaugural season of “Next In Fashion” in 2020. Following her victory, Kim’s artistic prowess flourished, leading to a series of captivating collections and successful collaborations.

Established in 2015, MINJUKIM has become a notable presence in the fashion landscape, attracting attention not only for its unique aesthetic but also for high-profile collaborations with renowned entities such as H&M. Furthermore, Minju Kim’s creative genius extended to designing for acclaimed artists like Red Velvet and BTS, further solidifying her position as a trendsetter.


THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Fashion Brands You Need to Know
Best Korean Fashion Brands – Hyein Seo

Hyein Seo, a visionary designer hailing from Seoul, embodies a bold departure from traditional and patriarchal norms entrenched within Korean fashion. Her creations serve as a defiant stance against outdated conventions, inviting a new era of empowerment. Seo’s designs offer a sartorial haven for women poised to shatter glass ceilings, transcending societal boundaries.

Renowned figures from various corners of the globe, including Rihanna, Bella Hadid, and South Korean songstress Taeyeon, stand as devoted enthusiasts of the brand. Notably, the brand’s allure has graced the screen, as evidenced by Hunter Schafer donning its creations in an episode of HBO’s enthralling series, “Euphoria.


THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Fashion Brands You Need to Know
Best Korean Fashion Brands- Goen.j

Goen.J emerges as a creative force in the fashion realm with a distinctive narrative. Graduating from Studio Berçot in Paris with a specialization in lingerie design, Goen Jang ventured into the realm of luxury couture in 2012. Her profound intimacy with lingerie design is reflected in the intricate nuances and an overall enchanting romanticism that graces her collection.

The essence of Goen.J is tailored for the multifaceted modern woman, embodying life’s dualities through a fusion of strong architectural elements with the tenderness of soft fabrics. This brand is a harmonious blend of unbridled femininity and an infusion of individuality, revitalizing classic silhouettes with unconventional interpretations.

7. KYE

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Fashion Brands You Need to Know
Best Korean Fashion Brands – KYE

Kathleen Hanhee Kye, After securing a Master’s degree in Fashion (Menswear) from London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins in 2011, Kye’s brand burst onto the scene at Seoul Fashion Week, marking the inception of a remarkable journey. This momentum propelled her to showcase her creations at the illustrious 2014 New York Fashion Week, solidifying her position as a prominent figure in the fashion industry.

Renowned for its vibrant, contemporary, and gender-fluid designs, KYE’s ensembles have graced notable figures like Kourtney Kardashian and Rihanna, gaining traction among Western celebrities. Within Korea, the brand has played a pivotal role in catapulting models such as Bae Yoon-young and Jung Hoyeon into the limelight.

Kye’s talents were recognized when she became a finalist for the esteemed LVMH Prize in 2014. Her creative circle includes K-pop icons G-Dragon and CL, who frequently don her designs, showcasing the brand’s captivating allure.


THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Fashion Brands You Need to Know
Best Korean Fashion Brands – ROKH

Born in Seoul, designer Rok Hwang’s fashion trajectory is a remarkable blend of international experiences and artistic innovation. After honing his craft as a ready-to-wear designer at fashion powerhouses like Celine, Chloé, and Louis Vuitton, Hwang embarked on his creative journey by establishing his own label, Rokh.

Rokh’s signature lies in seamlessly merging the realms of wardrobe staples and striking statement pieces. This is exemplified by imaginative twists on classics, like layering belts over a business suit. The brand’s adeptness at harmonizing these contrasts has cultivated a dedicated and enthusiastic following that appreciates the boundary-pushing designs that Rokh consistently delivers.


THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Fashion Brands You Need to Know
Best Korean Fashion Brands – EENK

Led by visionary designer Lee Hyemee, stands as a bastion of sustainable couture in the ever-evolving world of fashion. Hyemee’s creative vision extends beyond the realm of disposable clothing that characterizes fast fashion. The brand’s ethos is grounded in longevity and quality, setting it apart as a beacon of conscious creation.

One of South Korea’s most prominent figures, G-Dragon, lauds Lee Hyemee’s work for its remarkable ability to imbue young individuals with confidence and a sense of timelessness through clothing.

This innovative approach gave rise to collections like B for Beanie, C for Clutch, and D for Darling, continuing through the alphabet to ultimately encompass A for All and Archive. As the seasons unfold, EENK’s creative voyage leads to evocative themes like U for Utopia, showcasing sweet pastels and an aura of idyllic nostalgia in their Spring/Summer 2022 collection.


THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Fashion Brands You Need to Know
Best Korean Fashion Brands – Tibaeg

Tibaeg embarked on its journey in 2011, initially as a T-shirt project that swiftly evolved into a resounding success story. Founder and creative director Eunae Cho’s ascent was marked by a pivotal moment in 2013 when she made her debut as a Generation Next designer at Seoul Fashion Week’s fall/winter edition. This pivotal showcase propelled her brand into the limelight, setting the stage for Tibaeg’s distinctive presence in the fashion landscape.

In a world increasingly attuned to environmental consciousness, Tibaeg strides purposefully towards sustainability. Embracing the mantle of a brand in the year 2022, it embraces a responsible approach by producing garments on-demand and utilizing ethically sourced textiles. The brand epitomizes a harmonious blend of creativity and conscientiousness, epitomized by its fun and playful garments. Tibaeg’s offerings have the power to transform the mundane into the enchanting, imbuing each day with a touch of romance, playfulness, and specialness.


Western consumers have developed a keen affinity for Korean beauty products, while K-pop artists have established their dominance on music charts across the globe. Now, the spotlight of fashion enthusiasts is turning towards South Korea for a fresh wellspring of style inspiration.

It’s evident that the Western world is attuned to the creative endeavors of K-designers like never before, underscoring the importance of acquainting oneself with the pinnacle of talent in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hyein Seo, the Korean fashion brand, has garnered global attention as it finds favor with prominent international music icons like Rihanna and G-Dragon. Established by the young designer Hyein Seo in 2014, the brand took shape following her graduation from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

What is Korean fashion style called?

The Korean fashion style is often referred to as “K-fashion.” It encompasses a wide range of styles and trends that are popular in South Korea, known for their innovative and trendsetting designs.

What is BTS V Favourite dress brand?

BTS member V (Kim Taehyung) is often referred to as the “Gucci boy” due to his well-known affinity for Gucci clothing and accessories. He has been seen wearing Gucci outfits in various occasions and has showcased his love for the brand’s designs. It seems that Gucci is one of his favorite luxury fashion brands.

Korean fashion, often referred to as “K-fashion,” has gained significant popularity for several reasons:

  1. Influence of K-Pop and K-Dramas: The global success of K-Pop music groups and Korean dramas has introduced a broader audience to Korean culture, including fashion. Fans of these cultural exports often admire the stylish and unique clothing worn by their favorite idols and actors, leading to a desire to emulate their fashion choices.
  2. Distinctive Style: K-fashion is known for its innovative and eclectic style. It often blends traditional elements with modern and contemporary designs, creating a unique and eye-catching aesthetic that appeals to a wide range of tastes.
  3. Fashion Forwardness: Korean fashion designers and brands are known for their creativity and willingness to experiment with new styles and trends. This willingness to push boundaries and embrace new ideas has caught the attention of fashion enthusiasts looking for something fresh and exciting.
  4. Affordability and Accessibility: While there are high-end luxury brands in Korea, the market also offers a plethora of affordable options. This accessibility makes it easier for people to experiment with different styles and trends without breaking the bank.
  5. Street Style Culture: South Korea’s street style scene is vibrant and diverse, with people expressing their individuality through their clothing choices. This street style culture has gained attention worldwide, inspiring fashion lovers to adopt and adapt these unique looks.
  6. Influence of Influencers: Social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube have allowed K-fashion influencers and bloggers to reach a global audience. Their fashion content, styling tips, and outfit inspirations have contributed to the popularity of Korean fashion trends.
  7. Attention to Detail: Korean fashion often pays meticulous attention to details such as fabric choice, cuts, and accessories. This dedication to quality and aesthetics resonates with those who appreciate well-crafted clothing.
  8. Celebrity Endorsements: Many Korean celebrities, including K-Pop idols and actors, collaborate with fashion brands or become brand ambassadors. Their endorsement can significantly impact a brand’s visibility and desirability.
  9. Cultural Fusion: Korean fashion often draws inspiration from various cultures and fashion capitals around the world. This fusion of global influences creates a unique and diverse fashion landscape.
  10. Online Shopping and Global Shipping: The rise of online shopping and international shipping has made it easier for people from around the world to purchase Korean fashion items, contributing to the global popularity of K-fashion.

In essence, the combination of creative designs, cultural influence, and global accessibility has propelled Korean fashion into the global spotlight, appealing to a wide range of fashion enthusiasts.

What is kpop fashion?

K-Pop fashion refers to the distinctive style and clothing trends associated with the world of Korean pop music (K-Pop). This fashion style is characterized by its bold, eclectic, and often avant-garde nature. K-Pop fashion draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including street style, high fashion, and cultural influences. Here are some key features of K-Pop fashion:

  1. Statement Pieces: K-Pop fashion often revolves around statement pieces that catch the eye and make a strong visual impact. This can include bold colors, unique patterns, oversized accessories, and unconventional silhouettes.
  2. Mixing and Matching: Mixing and matching different clothing items, textures, and patterns is a common practice in K-Pop fashion. This creates a dynamic and visually interesting look that sets it apart from more conventional styles.
  3. Gender Fluidity: K-Pop fashion often blurs traditional gender boundaries by embracing a wide range of styles that may be considered feminine, masculine, or androgynous. Male K-Pop idols, for instance, may wear makeup, jewelry, and clothing traditionally associated with women.
  4. Retro and Vintage Influences: Many K-Pop fashion trends incorporate elements from past decades, such as ’90s grunge, ’80s retro, and ’70s disco. These nostalgic touches add a unique twist to modern outfits.
  5. Experimentation: K-Pop fashion encourages experimentation with colors, cuts, and accessories. This willingness to explore new looks contributes to the genre’s reputation for pushing fashion boundaries.
  6. Stage Outfits: K-Pop idols often wear elaborate and theatrical outfits for their performances, music videos, and public appearances. These stage outfits can range from futuristic and edgy to elegant and ethereal, depending on the concept of the song or the group.
  7. Street Style Influence: Street style is a major source of inspiration for K-Pop fashion. Idols and fans alike draw inspiration from urban fashion, resulting in edgy and urban-cool ensembles.
  8. Brand Collaborations: Many K-Pop idols collaborate with fashion brands to create special collections or serve as brand ambassadors. These partnerships contribute to the crossover between K-Pop and fashion industries.
  9. Hairstyles and Makeup: Hairstyles and makeup play a significant role in K-Pop fashion. Bold hair colors, intricate hairstyles, and creative makeup looks are often used to enhance an idol’s visual appeal and complement their outfits.
  10. Group Coordination: In K-Pop groups, members often coordinate their outfits to create a cohesive and visually appealing group image. This coordination can involve color schemes, matching accessories, or complementary styles.

K-Pop fashion is known for its ever-evolving nature, as trends change rapidly and idols continuously experiment with new looks. The combination of creativity, boldness, and a willingness to push boundaries contributes to the unique and influential world of K-Pop fashion.

What is Jungkook’s brand?

Jungkook, the 25-year-old member of the South Korean boy band BTS, has been announced as the global brand ambassador for Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear. This partnership signifies Jungkook’s association with the well-known fashion brand. It’s a notable collaboration that showcases his influence and recognition in the fashion industry. Keep an eye out for more information and campaigns featuring Jungkook’s involvement with Calvin Klein.

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THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Fashion Brands You Need to Know
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THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Fashion Brands You Need to Know