Kpop Claimed Top Spot On Billboard’s Chart

Billboard had released the world album chart for this week! And once again, BTS placed its seven albums in the top 15 this week. In addition, TXT, Blackpink, and Exo’s member Do Kyung Soo (D.O) also hit the top and maintained top spots on Billboard’s world’s album chart.

 | Kpop Claimed Top Spot On Billboard's Chart

First comes BTS. We already know “Map of Soul: 7” album has already hit the fire and still hitting the world, and it placed as No. 1 this week. Album name “Be” at No. 5, “Love Yourself: Tear” at No. 8, “Map of Soul: Persona” at No. 9, “Love Yourself: Her” at No. 10, “Love Yourself: Answer” at No 11, and “Skool Luv Affair” at No. 13.

“Map of Soul: 7”                          –    No. 1

“Be”                                               –   No. 5

“Love Yourself: Tear”                 –    No. 8

“Map of Soul: Persona”            –    No. 9

“Love Yourself: Her”                  –   No. 10

“Love Yourself: Answer”           –   No. 11

“Skool Luv Affair”                       –   No. 13

 | Kpop Claimed Top Spot On Billboard's Chart

Not only BTS managed to make a spot on Billboard’s album chart, Blackpink’s new record called “The album” and with the track name “Lovesick Girls” maintained a position at No. 6 in its 43rd week.

 | Kpop Claimed Top Spot On Billboard's Chart

Meanwhile, Do Kyung Soo (EXO’s member) released his first mini debut album named “Empathy” maintained its position at No. 14 on this week’s chart. In addition, D.O.s track name “Rose”, which was personally written by him, also ranked on Billboard’s World’s song sales chart at No. 16.

 | Kpop Claimed Top Spot On Billboard's Chart

Lastly, we go for “TXT’s” album named “The Chaos Chapter: Freeze”, which went up to No. 3 in its ninth week of the chart. The album is a hit that also maintained its position on several album’s charts. Also includes Billboard’s 200, which set the record called “Kpop Record of the Year”.

Congratulations to all members, Their hard work and teamwork lead to set many records.

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 | Kpop Claimed Top Spot On Billboard
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 | Kpop Claimed Top Spot On Billboard