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Review: The Forbidden Flower – C-Drama

Review: The Forbidden Flower – C-Drama THE DRAMA PARADISE
The Forbidden Flower

The Forbidden Flower

Jerry Yan was born on January 1st, 1977. His real name is Yan Cheng Xu is a Taiwanese actor and singer. He is well known for his role in the series Meteor Garden as part of the F4 group and the sequel of Meteor Garden.

Xu Ruo Han was born on February 27th, 1998. She was scouted by Jackie Chan and also worked with him in the movie Vanguard (2020) alongside Yang Yang. She is also well known for her series Perfect and Casual (2020) with the actor Zhang Si Nian.


The Forbidden Flower
The forbidden flower

He Ran is a young aspiring painter who belongs to a rich family. One day, when she was at a hair salon for her appointment she heard a guy’s voice who was washing his head and after hearing his voice she become curious about him.

She looked for him in the saloon but got to know that he left his job there and gone to a town. She looked for him in the town and found him. Almost every day, she starts visiting him and trying to be close to him. Her mother always keeps him inside the house and did not allow her to go outside because of her medical condition. She often sends her outside with her childhood friend who knows about her health condition and can take care of her instantly.

Xiao Han is a middle-aged man who is a talented horticulturist and worked part-time as a hairdresser. He has a rough past. When He Ran was pursuing him, he started to have deep feelings for him but due to his past, he could not accept his feelings easily. But little did he know about He Ran, she suffered from leukemia before, and after having chemotherapy she is not fully recovered, she is anaemic and leukemia could reoccur at any time.

Before going to college, He Ran left him without telling him, and later on, she met him and persuade him to be with him and apologizes for her mistake. After staying with each other for a while she decided to part ways with him due to her medical condition. Later on, when he found out about her medical condition he decided to stay beside her and get married.

Main Characters

Review: The Forbidden Flower – C-Drama THE DRAMA PARADISE
The forbidden flower

Jerry Yan

Xiao Han – Middle age man who is a talented horticulturist and part-time hairdresser.

Xu Ruo Han

He Ran – Rich and young aspiring painter with a serious medical condition.

Supporting Characters

Review: The Forbidden Flower – C-Drama THE DRAMA PARADISE
The forbidden flower

Huang Yi

Chou Jia Rong – Mother of He Ran who keeps her in the house. She is divorced and in a great dilemma because of his husband and daughter. Her husband was a famous painter who killed himself and He Ran had his father’s talent for painting which makes her heartache.

Kido Ma

Han Yu – A childhood friend of He Ran who cares about her a lot and loves her dearly.

Yu Xiang

Zhang Yuan Qi – Senior of He Ran in the college from art club who fell for her mother unknowingly.


Review: The Forbidden Flower – C-Drama THE DRAMA PARADISE
The forbidden flower

The forbidden flower series reminds me of the Uncontrollably Fond Korean series. Both made me cry and makes my heart ache at the same time. It’s the feeling of being loved and the unconditional love we gave to our loved ones. That’s how things work give and take.

It’s a drama but reality hits hard. No doubt, all of this is imaginary but once my teacher told me that anyhow or somehow directly or indirectly these things may have happened too. I hope you guys will not be sad after watching this series. You all have loved ones near you so show them how important they are in your life!!!

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