Top 5 Upcoming K-Dramas To Have On Your Watchlist This May 2022

It’s been an incredible year for Korean entertainment so far, and the rest of the year seems equally promising. In fact, blue skies ahead mean we’re stepping into summer with a whole new roster of incredible K-dramas. So if you’ve been looking for a comprehensive list of must-watch May dramas, look no further—we’ve got your back!

Here are the top 5 May K-Dramas you should definitely add to your watchlist!

1. “The Sound Of Magic”

A young girl named Yun Ai (Choi SungEun), who has to abandon her dream of becoming a magician, must find a way to fit into the real world. A student, Na IlDeung (Hwang InYoup), who is pressured by his parents’ expectations, is drawn into the brilliant world of magic when he meets RiEul (Ji ChangWook), the mysterious magician.

“The Sound Of Magic” is a musical dramedy dreamscape with magic and quirkiness that will take you back to your childhood. Besides the eye-catching cast, “The Sound of Magic” is instantly compelling! The show premieres on May 6th.

2. “Bloody Heart”

After ascending to the throne like his father before had, Lee Tae (Lee Joon), who aimed for absolute monarchy, turned the palace upside down in a power struggle to survive when his methods, which involved taxes and edicts that went against the principles held by many of his people, were met with opposition.

“Bloody Heart” is a story that deals with the complexities of both emotion and politics, a world of intrigue and power. The series will draw you in right away. It stars Lee Joon and Kang HanNa, two actors known for transforming their projects into hits! You won’t want to miss it when it premieres on May 2.


When Eun GyeHoon (Yeo JinGoo) and his inner world are thrown into turmoil with inexplicable feelings, he soon discovers that the source is a woman named Noh DaHyun (Mun KaYoung) who’s emotional state depends on his.

From the mysterious to the fantastic and eventually to elucidating the true meaning of love. This drama is shaping into a rollercoaster ride that you won’t want to get off! But, even though it will take you on a journey through various emotions that no doubt many can relate to, this excellent TV program is something we think everyone will love. “Link: Eat, Love, Die” premieres on Sunday, May 16.

4. “WooRi The Virgin”

The Korean remake of the American series Jane the Virgin, WooRi the Virgin tells the story of Oh WooRi (played by Lim SooHyang ), who suddenly finds herself in a very fortunate but complicated circumstance – she’s pregnant despite her resolve to preserve her virginity until marriage. Faced with an unexpected pregnancy and the potential dissolution of a meaningful relationship, how will Oh WooRi navigate this new world?

In keeping with the originality of the drama, “WooRi The Virgin” will be a refreshing parody of melodramatic Korean dramas. It will create witty humour and heart-fluttering romance in romantic comedy-drama. The twists and turns make this a K-drama worth watching! “WooRi The Virgin” premieres on May 9.


5. “Kiss Sixth Sense”

Kiss Sixth Sense is a new Korean drama starring Seo JiHye, Yoon KyeSang, and Park JooHyun based on the webtoon of the same name. It’s about a girl (Seo) with a peculiar talent that enables her to see into the future when she kisses someone.

Office romance, enemies to lovers, love triangles, and more. This drama has it all: the trope-riddled story we love in a classic romantic comedy. However, the fantasy element is so perfectly constructed that it drives the plot instead of overpowering it. “Kiss Sixth Sense” premieres on Disney+ on May 19.

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