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Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023

Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023 THE DRAMA PARADISE
Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023

If you are a fan of Korean dramas, then you must be eagerly waiting for the New & Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023. This month, the Korean entertainment industry has a lot of exciting dramas in store for its viewers.

From romance to action and suspense, there is something for everyone. In this article, we will give you a complete guide to the new and upcoming Korean dramas in May 2023. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


Korean dramas, also known as K-dramas, have gained immense popularity worldwide. They are known for their unique storylines, talented actors, and high production values. In recent years, K-dramas have become a global phenomenon, and fans eagerly await new releases.

May 2023 promises to be an exciting month for K-drama fans, with a variety of new and upcoming dramas to choose from. Here are some Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023 to binge watch.

Run Into You | May 1, 2023

Run into you - Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023
Run into you – Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023

Hae Joon and Yoon Young travel back in time to 1987. While there, Hae Joon makes it his mission to uncover the truth surrounding a mysterious murder case.

Meanwhile, Yoon Young endeavors to alter the course of history by attempting to prevent her parents from tying the knot. They realize their missions are intricately intertwined as they delve deeper into their respective objectives.

Cast –

  • Kim Dong Wook as Yoon Hae Joon
  • Jin Ki Joo as Baek Yoon Young
  • Seo Ji Hye as Soon Ae (1987)
  • Lee Won Jung as Hee Seop (1987)

No. Of Episodes – 16

Love Mate | May 4, 2023

Love Mate - Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023
Love Mate – Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023

This drama portrays the journey of Seo Yi Jun, a team leader at So What Media Content Production Team, as he searches for true love. For three months, he goes on dates with Ha Ram, a newcomer employee, hoping to find a meaningful connection.

As their relationship develops, Seo Yi Jun and Ha Ram navigate the challenges of balancing work and romance while also discovering more about themselves and their feelings for each other. Along the way, they encounter unexpected obstacles and learn important lessons about trust, communication, and commitment.

Cast –

  • Cho Han Gyeol as Haram
  • Cho Hyun Min as Lee Jun

No. Of Episodes – 8

All That We Loved | May 5, 2023

All that we Loved - Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023
All that we Loved – Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023

The plot of this drama revolves around the lives of two 18-year-olds who share an unbreakable bond and a deep love for each other. The storyline delves into the fascinating concept of cellular memory, which suggests that memories can be transferred to individuals who receive organ transplants.

Cast –

  • Oh Se Hun as Go Yoo
  • Jang Yeo Bin as Han So Yeon
  • Jo Joon Young as Go Joon Hee
  • Jeon Yeong In as Ahn Soon Tak

No. Of Episodes – 8

Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 | May 6, 2023

Tale of the nine tailed 1938 - Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023
Tale of the nine tailed 1938 – Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023

Lee Yeon, the story’s main lead, is transported back to 1938 when he is reunited with his old acquaintance Hong Joo. Along with her, he also encounters Lee Rang, a mysterious character with an enigmatic past.

As Lee Yeon tries to find his way back to the present day, he realizes that his former ally, Moo Young, has betrayed him and turned against him. This significantly threatens his efforts to return to his own time.

Cast –

  • Lee Dong Wook as Lee Yeon / Gumiho
  • Kim So Yeon as Ryu Hong Joo
  • Kim Bum as Lee Rang
  • Ryu Kyung Soo as Cheon Moo Young

No. Of Episodes – 12

Race | May 10, 2023

Race - Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023
Race – Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023

The central theme of this story revolves around the intriguing dynamics of office politics. Park Yoon Jo, a marketer who lacks a college degree, is fiercely committed to his job and strives to make a name for himself in the corporate world.

On the other hand, Ryu Jae Min, an intelligent and just individual, harbors no lofty expectations from the organization.

Cast –

  • Lee Yun Hee as Park Yoon Jo
  • Hong Jong Hyun as Ryu Jae Min
  • Moon So Ri as Goo Yi Jung
  • U-Know as Seo Dong Hoon

No. Of Episodes – 12

Black Knight | May 12, 2023

Black knight - Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023
Black knight – Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023

The setting of this story takes place in the year 2071 when the air has become so heavily contaminated that survival without a mask is virtually impossible. Due to the rampant pollution, most of the Korean peninsula has been reduced to a desolate wasteland, leaving only 1% of its original population alive.

In this dystopian future, delivery drivers have become the unsung heroes of society, playing a pivotal role in the survival of the remaining population. They deliver essential supplies and provisions to the few individuals still fighting for survival in this bleak and barren world.

Cast –

  • Kim Woo Bin as “5-8”
  • Song Seung Heon as Ryu Seok
  • Kang Yoo Seok as Sa Wol
  • Esom as Seol Ah

No. Of Episodes – 6

Oh! Youngshim | May 15, 2023

Oh! Youngshim - Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023
Oh! Youngshim – Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023

This story revolves around the emotional reunion between Young Shim and Kyung Tae, who are both in their 30s and have experienced the ups and downs of life. Young Shim is a producing director in the entertainment department, while Kyung Tae is the CEO of a successful startup company.

As they reconnect after several years, they realize the bittersweet nature of life and the challenges that come with growing older. They reflect on their past experiences and contemplate their decisions, both good and bad.

Cast –

  • Song Ha Yoon as Oh Young Shim
  • Lee Dong Hae as Wang Kyung Tae
  • Lee Min Jae as Lee Chae Dong
  • Jung Woo Yeon as Goo Wol Suk

No. Of Episodes – 10

Star Struck | May 18, 2023

Star Struck - Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023
Star Struck – Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023

This drama follows the story of Seo Han Joon, who has been secretly in love with his childhood friend, Jo Yoo Jae, for a long time. Despite knowing that his feelings will never be reciprocated, Han Joon has never mustered the courage to confess his love to Yoo Jae.

However, this time, Han Joon decides to take a chance and express his true feelings to Yoo Jae. As he navigates the ups and downs of his unrequited love, he discovers more about himself and the depth of his feelings for Yoo Jae.

Cast –

  • Zuho as Jo Yoo Jae
  • Kim In Sung as Seo Han Joon
  • Park Tae In as Park Jin Hwan

No. Of Episodes – 8

One Day Off | May 24, 2023

One Day Off - Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023
One Day Off – Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023

This drama follows the life of a high school teacher who yearns to escape her mundane routine. To break away from the monotony of her everyday life, she embarks on one-day trips every weekend, seeking adventure and new experiences.

As she travels to various destinations, she discovers the beauty of the world around her and forms meaningful connections with the people she meets along the way. Through these journeys, the teacher creates lasting memories that enrich her life and offer a new perspective on the world.

Cast –

  • Lee Na-young as Park Ha Kyung
  • Park Se Wan as Park Ha Kyung [Young]

No. Of Episodes – 8

Delightfully Deceitful | May 29, 2023

Delightful Deceitful - Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023
Delightful Deceitful – Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023

The narrative of this story revolves around the theme of revenge, featuring a con artist who lacks empathy and an attorney who is naturally compassionate towards others. Despite their polar opposite personalities, the two individuals form an unlikely alliance to take on a common enemy.

The con artist, who has a history of deception and manipulation, seeks to avenge a personal betrayal. On the other hand, the attorney, driven by a strong sense of justice and morality, joins forces with the con artist to bring the perpetrator of the wrongdoing to justice.

Cast –

  • Chun Woo Hee as Lee Ro Um
  • Kim Dong Wook as Han Moo Young
  • Yoon Park as Go Yo Han
  • Park So Jin as Mo Jae In

No. Of Episodes – 16

Happiness Battle | May 31, 2023

Happiness Battle - Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023
Happiness Battle – Upcoming Korean Dramas in May 2023

This drama is an adaptation of a novel bearing the same title. It centres around a group of mothers who engage in a ruthless battle on social media to destroy each other’s lives. Driven by their desire to break free from oppression, hurt, and buried secrets, the women resort to extreme measures to reclaim their true selves.

As the story unfolds, the mothers delve deeper into social media, where they must confront their inner demons and the harsh realities of their lives. In their quest for redemption, they face numerous challenges and obstacles, forcing them to make difficult choices that will shape their futures.

Cast –

  • Lee El as Jang Mi Ho
  • Jin Seo Yun as NA
  • Cha Ye Ryun as NA
  • Park Hyo Joo as NA

No. Of Episodes – 16


These are the upcoming Korean dramas set to begin airing in May of 2023. Viewers can choose to watch them as they are released episode by episode or wait until the entire series is available to binge-watch.

The dramas promise to offer a diverse range of stories and themes, providing entertainment for a broad audience. Whether viewers prefer action-packed thrillers, heartwarming romances, or intriguing mysteries, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Fans of Korean dramas can look forward to these new releases, which are sure to captivate and engage audiences with their unique and exciting narratives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Korean drama 2023?

The highest-rated Korean dramas of 2023 based on their IMDb rating

  • Oasis (Rakuten Viki)
  • Call It Love (Disney+Hotstar)
  • Pandora: Beneath The Paradise (Disney+Hotstar)
  • The Glory, Part 2 (Netflix)
  • Delivery Man (Rakuten Viki)
  • Crash Course in Romance (Netflix)
  • Love To Hate You (Netflix)
  • Divorce Attorney Shin (Netflix)
What is the new medical Kdrama in 2023?

Here are 6 medical kdrama of 2023

  • Brain Works
  • Daily Dose Of Sunshine
  • Doctor Cha
  • Doctor Slump
  • Dr. Romantic 3
  • Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist 2
What is the No 1 Korean drama ever?

Most popular and critically acclaimed Korean dramas of all time include “Descendants of the Sun,” “Goblin,” “Crash Landing on You,” “Itaewon Class,” “My Love from the Star,” “Reply 1988,” “Secret Garden,” “Signal,” “Boys Over Flowers,” and “Moon Embracing the Sun.”

What is the most watched Korean drama in Netflix?

The most popular Korean dramas available on Netflix include “Squid Game””Crash Landing on You,” “Itaewon Class,” “Kingdom,” “Vincenzo,” “Start-Up,” “Love Alarm,” “Hospital Playlist,” “Stranger,” “The Uncanny Counter,” and “Sweet Home.”

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