10 Romantic K-Drama For Your Weekend Binge-Watch

By Neha Garia

If you still haven't watched this funny and quirky romance on Netflix, you should binge-watch it ASAP!

Business Proposal (2022)

The hot-and-cold love story between a top Korean Idol and his PR agent is super interesting.

Shooting Stars (2022)

This coming-of-age story will have you laughing, crying & swooning along with the leads!

Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Discover love, friendship and family with the leads as they look for a way out of their boring lives.

Liberation Notes (2022)

Love is not always about happiness, and this show tells the poignant human stories we need to hear.

Our Blues (2022)

This interesting romantic comedy is based on the intersecting of love and word at a meteorological office.

Forecasting Love & Weather  

If you want romance but in moderation, this story will have you enthralled with the plot.

Tomorrow (2022)

Based on the lived of Korean immigrations, this Lee Min Ho drama has been critically appreciated.

Pachinko (2022)

Romance is more than just the classic pairings, and this Korean explores the beauty of new love.

Semantic Error (2022)

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