10 High School K-Dramas To Watch

Do you wanna feel school life full of dramas, excitement, nervousness, and romance? If you are looking for dramas that will help you to escape from the stress of school? Moreover, due to the COVID pandemic, many of you must be bored at home. As a result, you must be missing a lot of fun with your friends. Here, have a look at the 10 stress relief and funny (that will make you laugh with joy) Korean dramas that will definitely work out.

K-Dramas have plenty to the genre, and today I listed some best high school romance dramas that you must watch. K-dramas addicts may have been watched these dramas that I’m going to list below, but for those who haven’t watched it yet, it’s time to give it a shot.

1. Extraordinary You

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Extraordinary You is a romance fantasy drama that is based on Korean Webtoon. The story tells about a girl who realizes that she is a supporting character inside a romance manga named “Secret”. So she tries to fix the story for her love and life.

You will definitely fall in love with the cast of this drama. If you are looking for the best romance drama with school life? Then here you go. The drama has beautiful leads and fun lead characters full of fantasy and mystery. So many drama scenes are cute and with an innocent love story that will make your heart flutter.

2. True Beauty

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True Beauty. Huh, how could I describe it? The pure and beautiful life story. Anyway, it tells the romantic comedy story of JuGyeong, who turns into a goddess because of makeup, and SuHo, who keeps hidden scars. The two met, and by sharing their secrets, they started dating and help each other to restore self-esteem.

It is a must-watch drama! This school story is comparatively light with an addictive romance (feat. plenty of heart-fluttering scenes) and various entertaining scenes. However, it also has its darkness. The feminine lead is harshly bullied for her looks, and she lost her self-esteem, to mention there’s just a couple of the problems during this drama. But, all over, this drama is a masterpiece.

3. Dream High

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“Dream High” follows the stories of six very different students on their race to become stars at the distinguished performing arts school, Kirin highschool.

It might be an old drama, but the story is straightforward to observe and completely addictive. If you wish K-Pop and dramas about singers, this drama could be for you. The couple’s chemistry of Suzy and Kim SooHyun is unforgettable.

4. At A Distance, Spring is Green

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If you are looking for friendship and romance stories with painful and sad stories? Then, here you go. It tells the true struggles of individuals in their 20s and, therefore, the problems with university students. At a distance, their youth seems beautiful, but if you check it out closely, it’s harsh.

The plot of the drama perfectly seems about two opposite feelings. First, it’s sad because the drama highlights the painful wounds of each of its characters and, therefore, the real hardship of university students (it is realistic). But, despite having darkness, the drama ain’t all gloomy and dark. At an equivalent time, it’s bright with an adorable romance, cute friendships, and likeable characters who join.

5. Love Revolution

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Are you looking for a hilarious plot and an innocent romance of high school students? Love Revolution tells the romance of Gong JuYoung and Wang JaRim while representing the teen’s lives realistically with their love, friendship, study, and dream.

The main reason to observe this Kakao TV web drama is that the lead character Gong JuYoung is the cutest and cheesiest boy in the world. He’s crazy for Wang JaRim, a chilly high school girl, and can do everything to win her heart. As you’ll expect from such a storyline, their romance will be filled with unexpected and funny events. Moreover, all their friends have an important part in the fun of the drama. It’s light and hilarious, must watch.

6. Boys Over Flowers

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A hit high school romance. The romance of a woman from a poor family and a boy from one of the most important conglomerates’ families attends an equivalent private high school.

The drama is worldwide popular, not only the Korean version. Even after these years, Boys Over Flowers is still worth watching with plots and casts. The handsome F4 and, therefore, the fierce female character created this memorable drama with famous scenes.

7. Who Are You: School 2015

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You may be looking for a mysterious and exciting teen story. A youth drama tells the story of an 18 years old highschool girl whose life completely changed suddenly because of the students surrounding her.

This drama is a must for young viewers to watch. Kim SoHyun’s acting is ideal during this teen drama. The plot and, therefore, the love triangle also made it worth watching. There’s no wonder why this 2015 drama of the “School” drama was popular.

8. Weightlifting Fairy Kim BokJoo

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It is the sweetest and, therefore, the most beautiful campus romance. It tells the dreams and romance of scholars within the college of Sports.

This drama is simply too good to miss! The feminine lead is a weightlifting athlete, and the male leads a soft swimmer. This true tag created this perfect romantic comedy. This drama gave birth to the legendary K-Drama line, “Do you like Messi?” funny…right?. But, again, it is also a worth-watching drama of all time.

9. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

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This story is about a lady living a replacement life through cosmetic surgery. At school, everyone thinks that her appearance is vital. But, then, she meets Do KyungSuk, he thinks differently. Soon, she is going to learn what real “beauty” is.

This campus romance has a stimulating theme on “what is real beauty”. The plot mainly focuses on romance and other problems with university students, making the entire story very interesting. The couple’s chemistry is one among the simplest. It’s a must-watch!

10. The Heirs

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It is an addictive cliché teen K-Drama. It tells the love and friendship stories of high school students.

There are two sorts of “The Heirs” viewers: those that loved it and people who hated it. “The Heirs” is entertaining and crammed with K-Dramas clichés, but that’s for the simplest. If you’re trying to find an emotional rollercoaster and cheesy drama, don’t miss this one.

You can also recommend it to readers through the comment section below.

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