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The Drama Paradise aims at featuring Exclusives content related to the Korean Dramas as well as Asian Boy’s / Girl’s Love series, Chinese Dramas and Anime!

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I am Neha, and I started The Drama Paradise in July 2021 to release my inner fangirling feels and also wanted to share my knowledge on Drama, especially Kdramas, through my writing. I am a Graphic Designer in the profession and a big Hallyu fan.

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He is Web Developer and Digital Marketing Expert. He joined our team in September 2022. He is responsible for the overall Marketing and development of the Website as well as other sites like Urban Awaas. Since he Joined, Drama Paradise has seen exponential growth in overall Organic traffic.

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Hades Amaya is a postgraduate and, yeah, not a teenager. She has been watching Korean, Chinese, Thai and Japanese dramas since 2020. She has her on the list of all the dramas she has observed. She would like to share her list and reviews and would love to have others’ suggestions.

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katzy is an Enthusiastic reviewer and critique writer. She mostly writes about LGBTQ content, and you can call her kate.

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She is a certified creative writer and a nanotech student. She writes contents, stories, quotes and much more.