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10 Thriller/Crime Korean Dramas to Watch

You must have spent a lot of endless hours watching romantic k-dramas or melodramas. It’s time to switch. I meant it’s time to watch something a bit serious, thriller and chilling. Apart from romantic or melodramas, South Korea has also created thriller series that will make you watch them more.

There are many thriller series to watch, but you must be thinking about where to start, right? Well, no worries, here’s the list of thriller k-dramas that will make your heart & soul stick on the screen.

1. Strangers from Hell

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Thriller/Crime Korean Dramas to Watch


Strangers from Hell is also named by Hell is Other People. The psychological thriller k-drama is based on a popular webtoon named as same “Strangers from Hell”. It is the story of a young man who moves to Seoul.

Due to lack of money, he can’t afford nice & facilitated room for himself. He could only afford a cheap room at a dorm named “Eden Studio”. When he started staying there, he started to have a weird feeling, as the dorm residents kept dark secrets.

Is he safe there?  Are those residents psychopaths? To know more, watch this drama. It is full of suspense, thriller, and crime.

2. Dark Hole

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Thriller/Crime Korean Dramas to Watch


Are you are into mystery, suspense, thriller, dark fantasy? Then, what are you waiting for? This drama is the best example of it. A detective named Lee Hwa Sun whose life got upside down after receiving a call from a person who murdered her husband.

When she arrived at Mujishi, finding her husband’s killer, she saw the town’s residents are dead and many transformed into hideous monsters after breathing black smoke from the sinkhole. Intending to catch her husband’s murderer, she joined the forces to fight and survive.

3. Rugal

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Thriller/Crime Korean Dramas to Watch


This drama is about the battle between “Rugal”, a special organization that makes human weapons, and a terrorist group named “Argos”. Rugal uses biotechnology to take revenge for those victimized by Argos as a human weapon with superhuman abilities to fight with Argos on the battlefield.

This show is classic yet stating the story of revenge. A detective whose wife was murdered by that criminal organization wants revenge and becomes part of the special team that seeks to take down Argos.

No doubt, this story has full of crime, suspense, thriller. You will feel an action hero vibe here. Rugal is based on the popular webtoon.

4. Vincenzo

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Thriller/Crime Korean Dramas to Watch


Here’s another drama which has a lot of thrill, suspense and comedy. Of course, the lead must be your favourite actor, so why not watch this show? Just give it a try. The story tells Vincenzo Cassano, an Italian mafia consigliere who was adopted and returns to his homeland of South Korea in pursuit of hidden gold.

Along the way, Vincenzo encounters a person’s rights lawyer in pursuit of social justice while crossing paths with the older man’s high-flyer lawyer daughter, who would do everything to hide her client’s dirty deeds. However, an untimely and unjust death eventually brings them down an equivalent path — taking down the bad guys in their own unique way.

5. Mouse

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Thriller/Crime Korean Dramas to Watch


The most interesting part of thriller dramas is that they don’t need to attract viewers with just romantic elements. Instead, the drama is based on the assumption that “What if we identify psychopaths in advance by testing DNA of fetuses?” Mouse is a dark mystery thriller show about psychopath serial killers.

Starting episodes has given a 19+ rating, which means it is not for faint-hearted people. However, if you are ready for many twists and suspense with a thriller that will give you chills, don’t wait. I’m not gonna lie. I finished this show within 2 days, as it created a lot of suspense in my mind. I was like, “Oh my god, what gonna happen next?” You won’t believe the ending. Although I won’t give spoilers, don’t worry, I better watch this show right now.

6. Extracurricular

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Thriller/Crime Korean Dramas to Watch


This show is also dark and worth watching, available on Netflix. The concept is not new (Thriller), but the story structure of this show will catch the viewer’s attention. Extracurricular shows that how the wrong decision leads to horrible consequences.

The story reflects a high school student who appears to be a good example for other students. He always gets good grades, even the teachers of the school like him as a bold student. But deep down, the reality is something else.

Get ready for the dark suspense. As a good student, the reality reflects that he also lives in a life of crime. Like is double-sided human.

7. Kingdom

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Thriller/Crime Korean Dramas to Watch



Here comes one more interesting drama, full of thrillers and adventure. If you have watched “Train to Busan” Korean movie, and want to watch more zombie-related drama, then watch Kingdom. It is a horror thriller with a lot of fan following. It is based on a popular webtoon named “Kingdom of gods”.

The story takes place back in 1590, where the crown prince suspects foul play in the death of his father by the Queen. However, while solving his own problem, he must also solve the origin of a mysterious plague. Plague, which brings people back from the dead as bloodthirsty monsters.

8. Save Me 

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Thriller/Crime Korean Dramas to Watch


Save me is one of the dramas which has already been on the viewer’s favourite list. The storyline shows a spine-chilling thrill. As the story is about a family who moves to a Suburban town after failing in business. There they meet a follower of a religious cult posing at church. Soon parents got hypnotized by the false image they were shown.

But in reality, the church is full of abuse, violence, brainwashing, and murder. Then, after the son of that family attempts suicide, things get more complicated, and the cult took advantage. Worth watching drama to know the storyline precisely.

9. Tell Me What You Saw

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Thriller/Crime Korean Dramas to Watch

Ok, this drama is strictly categorized as thriller-suspense series. The viewers will surely get a chilling and dark experience. Oh, Hyun Jae is known for solving uncrackable colBut. But, unfortunately, his world got scattered after her wife was murdered by a serial killer.

A female detective remembers everything that she sees, and they both team up and trace serial killers. The storyline is clearly about the two main characters who use each other abilities to catch criminals.

10. Sweet Home

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Thriller/Crime Korean Dramas to Watch


Well, this k-drama has already gained mass popularity as known for the apocalyptic storyline. The story tells that a boy named Cha Hyun-soo is a loner teen who moves into the Green House apartment after the death of his family.

Here, he starts witnessing frightening things in the building. In the midst of an apocalypse where they have to protect themselves from zombie monsters who are already hungry.

There is also the fact that those who are attacked by monsters get infected and turn into monsters themselves. If you wanna watch this, make sure to watch it during the daytime. This drama is kinda horror and contains a lot of creepy monsters.

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THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Thriller/Crime Korean Dramas to Watch
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THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Thriller/Crime Korean Dramas to Watch