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4 Things We Loved About The Premiere Of “Soundtrack #1”

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 4 Things We Loved About The Premiere Of “Soundtrack #1”

In the spirit of springtime and new beginnings, the long-awaited romance drama Soundtrack #1 has finally aired. Starring Han So Hee and Park Hyung Sik, a pair of longtime best friends, now they come to live under the same roof whose feelings for one another begin to unravel as they come to see how perfect each other could be.

With just two episodes of this series left, here are some of the many reasons everyone eagerly anticipated a new drama, “Soundtrack #1”!

1. Eun Soo and Sun Woo’s dynamic

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 4 Things We Loved About The Premiere Of “Soundtrack #1”

Eun Soo and Sun Woo seem like the kind of people that you would want as best friends. Eun Soo is there for him when he needs her, and vice versa. They constantly support each other through thick and thin, and their bond seems unbreakable. Of course, both characters show their affection differently, but it’s clear to see how close they are thanks to their constant communication, even with the language barrier.

2. All the yearning

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 4 Things We Loved About The Premiere Of “Soundtrack #1”

Whether his tragic storylines stem from unrequited love, a love triangle or unannounced breakups, Park Hyung Sik can do it all – and he does it exceptionally well. He is the master of longing gazes, lingering, bittersweet smiles and everything in between.

Sometimes relationships hurt, too, like when he flashes back and remembers how he once gave up on telling Eun Soo of his true feelings. It’s clear in his eyes how much he’s hurting, even if he knows her words are right when she says they should never become romantically involved if they want to avoid breaking up: “If we don’t want to ever break up, we have to remain friends forever.”

3. The flawless soundtrack

Now that the show has aired, we’re finally getting a taste of Eun Soo’s songwriting. From a piano-led ballad to an introduction piece using string instruments and percussion, it was exciting to see how her songs tie into specific scenes and enhance them. Finally, however, she truly blew us away with “Love Love Love”, which was composed for Sun Woo just at the moment when he gets overwhelmed!

Unlike other K-dramas, which released a few OST tracks throughout its run, “Soundtrack #1” has already dropped 10 tracks before premiering — including songs by Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, NCT’s Doyoung and Lee Hi.

4. Eun Soo’s adorably honest personality

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 4 Things We Loved About The Premiere Of “Soundtrack #1”

Eun Soo is played by actress Han So Hee, who brings a lot of energy to the character. It’s refreshing to see So Hee tackling such a different role from characters she has previously played, and it shows that she is willing to take on new challenges.

Han shines in this drama as Eun Soo, charming us with her warmth. Her ability to blurt out her thoughts and opinions without filter reminds me of real people who aren’t afraid of telling others how they feel. Sun Woo finds this fascinating – I’m sure you will too!

Have you seen the premiere of “Soundtrack #1”? Tell us your favourite scenes and lines in the comments below!

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THE DRAMA PARADISE | 4 Things We Loved About The Premiere Of “Soundtrack #1”
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THE DRAMA PARADISE | 4 Things We Loved About The Premiere Of “Soundtrack #1”