5 Most Exhilarating, Stress Relieving K-Dramas Perfect For A Chill And Relaxing Mood

We can’t disagree with K-Drama fans that most of our favourite popular series released from the first half of last year to the present have been fun and exciting.

It almost seemed that production companies have been in a pact recently to release series with breath-taking storylines that have given us nail-biting episodes, where you feel stuck in a downward spiral of emotions and episodes that give you screaming your lungs out moments.

We all know K-Dramas are great for passing the time during our free time. But did you think about diversifying your viewing palate? Our favourite dramas (listed below) are sure to ease tension and relax during even the most hectic schedules. So get ready for some media marathons set to start this weekend!

1. “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha”

This new ongoing healing drama by tvN centred around 3 main characters: Yoon Hye Jin (played by Shin Min Ah) is a dentist, Hong Du Shik (played by Kim Seon Ho) is a handyman, and Ji Seong Hyun (played by Lee Sang Yeob) is a TV producer.

A story about a young woman named Yoon HyeJin. Having experienced quite a lot in the big city, she has decided to make her way to the countryside searching for small-town tranquillity. Upon arrival in Gongjin, she happens upon Chief Hong, whose reputation precedes him. He possesses tremendous skill in craftsmanship and an infectious spirit that appeals to everyone he meets!

2. “Welcome to Waikiki”

The two-season drama series will be centred on the lives of youths who come to the guest house. It’s about capturing significant moments in life, for instance, falling in love. Also, it highly encourages people to strive for their dreams, with this being an example of how chasing them pays off and how it can alter your life completely.

The show also showcases topics such as heartbreaks, friendship, and family relations to the viewers; all these topics give advice to people. If you loved the romantic sitcom “Friends” and the unique coming-of-age series “How I Met Your Mother,” then you will love this drama.

3. “Racket Boys”

This episode is one of the most unique additions to the SBS youth drama category, especially for sports-themed dramas. We love how it’s managed to shed light on issues that teenagers face despite their age!

The story of the love of family, community, and friendship is rooted in a passion for the game, redemption, forgiveness and a second chance to live with all its joys, heartaches and wonderment.

About the Drama: If you’re into coming-of-age themed dramas with inspiring moments and sports, you will enjoy this drama.

4. “Move to Heaven”

Lee JeHoon, Hong SeungHee and Tang JunSang starring roles in the ten-episode drama series ‘Move to Heaven’ about an autistic man with his father running a cleaning business specialising in cleaning belongings left by dead people.

In addition to the overarching story of redemption, love, and healing covered in each episode, each storyline is unique in its own way. Embodying both exciting and thought-provoking lessons, it’s easy for the audience to draw a lesson from these episodes.

5. “One Spring Night”

The drama, Friendzone, tells the story of a librarian (Han Ji-min) who, despite feeling stuck in a long-term relationship, is about to get married and a hypochondriac pharmacist (Jung HaeIn) who offers her an escape.

The drama offers us an inside look into the lives of young adults who are trying to find their own light in a world filled with expectations and rules. The series brings up essential topics like life, justice, women’s rights, relationships, families and much more.

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