5 Rising Korean Actors With Multiple Talents

In Dramaland, Korea has seen a few new stars seize our attention with their acting skills and good looks. And some of them do more than that! They also play musical instruments, speak other languages, or have dancing skills.

Let’s look at five actors considered multi-talented because they fit so many different niches in the entertainment industry.

1. Kim Seon Ho

Kim Seon Ho became a sensation in the K-drama world when he started playing the role of “good boy” Han Ji Pyeong in “Startup.” Kim Seon Ho shone in his role as the next-door boy who was unexpectedly transformed into a man that exuded maturity and confidence. His sharp, quick-witted responses were especially noteworthy in arguably one of the most critical roles in “Startup.”

Though he is 35 years old, he still has the same playful spirit that all kids share. His youthful zest allowed him to relate to his fans no matter their age. Despite the acclaim he already had in the theatre community, with “Good Manager”, Ji managed single-handedly to gain millions of new fans both inside and outside Korea.

We’re so happy and blessed to finally be able to watch him on a variety show. We can’t wait for his talent and individuality to shine through as we watch him grow as an actor and person in the latest season of “2 Days & 1 Night.” Watch his rookie moments from the variety show that made him such a star below.

Kim Seon Ho has a smooth voice that’s on fire. So it’s no wonder that he offers up some sweet melodies that are on fire in his collaborations with Epitome Project! Check out the MV below.

2. Kim Min Jae

Although Kim Min Jae is the youngest on this list, he has already boasted acting experience in many sitcoms and dramas. He has already received positive feedback for his acting skills and professionalism. In addition, he was teamed up with some of the biggest cinematic stars over his career, most notably with appearances in hit films including “Dr. Romantic” and “Dr. Romantic 2.”

He was last seen in the critically acclaimed drama “Do You Like Brahms?” where he portrayed a quiet pianist in an intimate performance. He has received many awards for his portrayal in this particular production.

Before becoming an actor, Kim Min Jae trained to be a singer for four years. As a rapper, he has contributed to OSTs for some of his dramas, including “The Best Hit” (the song link is below).

Kim Min Jae is a unique artist who has pursued several noteworthy projects, one being his music career under the stage name Real. Be. Check the link below!

3. Lee Do Hyun

Lee Do Hyun is a rising star in the acting world from South Korea. He began his career in a supporting role in Prison Playbook in 2017 and has since taken on several major projects. In 2019, he starred in the mega-hit Hotel Del Luna, winning several awards with his performance as a young gangster with a heart of gold.

Last year, he also made headlines when he won Best New Actor at the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards for his leading role in 18 Again. He most recently starred in “Youth of May” and has been highly praised for his impeccable acting.

While acting has gained him much popularity, it hasn’t been the only field where he has made a mark for himself. His sunny demeanour and thoughtful attentiveness have helped gain fans worldwide – who are slowly learning to appreciate his comedic side, which he has flaunted primarily on “Running Man.” On this show, he has already starred four times! This video will give you an idea of what it’s like to be with Lee Do Hyun on “Running Man.”

Lee Do Hyun is also very athletic, as viewers of “18 Again” might know from his role as a top-tier basketball player. But he also can even do acrobatics! Check the video below!

4. Hwang In Yeop

With his role as a soft-hearted bad boy, Hwang In Yeop is capturing the hearts of fans all over the world. He stars in the 2020 Korean drama “True Beauty”, which aired last year. He has also starred in 18 Again alongside Lee Do Hyun, who was also his costar.

As the model-turned-actor who made his debut in 2018, he has quickly gained popularity. However, his charm is due to his ability to play the charming bad boy role so well.

People have been taking note of his deep and charming voice. But, of course, he’s no stranger to the song either – with a superb performance in “True Beauty,” he managed to leave a lot of audiences in awe after a breathtaking rendition that just leaves a person spell-bound.

5. Lee Sang Yi

Lee Sang Yi, a Korean-American actor and singer, was in a high school band when he began his acting career. He made his screen debut in the MBC drama 2017’s.  He eventually rose his fame with a role in the 2020’s drama Once Again.

He also stars in “Youth of May”, a drama completed last year. Now playing the second lead in “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”!

He has shown his epic singing talent as a member of Yoo Jae Suk’s new project group MSG Wannabe on the hit web variety show “How Do You Play?.” Check the compilation of his songs below!

He’s also a perfect dancer. He won first place in a UCC contest back in high school, and you can see him perform his dance cover of Rain’s “Rainism”, which he gave to the Korean Communications store site Ask Us Anything below.

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