8 Films And Dramas To Watch If Like Choi WooShik

 | 8 Films And Dramas To Watch If Like Choi WooShik

After a couple of hit movies globally with fantastic performances, Choi WooShik has finally returned to the small screen after a couple of years with the heartwarming romantic comedy “Our Beloved Summer” starring alongside his former co-star Kim DaMi. His films have already reached an international scale and gained an audience of almost 15 million fans, and for this latest drama, he has been receiving a lot of love from viewers.

Choi WooShik is such a brilliant actor that he really puts a lot of effort into the characters he portrays. He is known to be quite the chameleon in his performances and doesn’t mind testing how far audiences are willing to suspend disbelief for any given project. His filmography includes romance, comedy, psychological thrillers and pure action!

So if you want to see more of Choi WooShik on your TV or cinema screen, here’s a list of the drama and film titles that he’s appeared in!

1. “Parasite” (2019)

 | 8 Films And Dramas To Watch If Like Choi WooShik

The chances are high that you’ve probably watched this Bong Joonsik film before, but if you haven’t, then now is the time! “Parasite” swept four major Academy Awards at the 2019 Oscars and is considered by many to be one of the best films in the 21st century.

The movie tells the story of a poor family that makes its way into a prestigious family through fraud and falsities. Casts including Song KangHo, Lee SunKyun, Park SoDam, and Choi WooShik star lead roles in this genre-bending feature film.

2. “The Witch: Subversion Part 1” (2018)

 | 8 Films And Dramas To Watch If Like Choi WooShik

The Witch: Subversion Part 1 is a mystery-horror movie and offers viewers something new in its storyline and cinematography. The film follows JaYoon, who developed telekinetic powers after escaping from a research facility but has now lost most of her memories from the time. However, years later, her past returns to haunt her when scientists once again pursue her for scientific experiments involving immense pain and suffering.

But we come to learn that JaYoon isn’t just anyone; she’s inherited special blood, which grants her unearthly powers that are growing stronger with each passing day. Choi WooShik plays the role of the sinister Nobleman whose true intentions behind his actions become apparent as the story unfolds.

3. “Time To Hunt” (2020)

 | 8 Films And Dramas To Watch If Like Choi WooShik

“Time to Hunt” is a thrilling science-fiction film that would keep you on the edge of your seat. Set in a futuristic city, it focuses on an organized crime syndicate known as The Raven Syndicate plan a casino heist with four of its members – Choi WooShik and Lee JeHoon, Ahn Jae-hong and Park JeongMin playing the characters. Time to Hunt also stars Park HaeSoo as The Killer.

4. “The Policeman’s Lineage” (2022)

 | 8 Films And Dramas To Watch If Like Choi WooShik

The crime drama is the latest film starring Choi WooShik and Cho JinWoong. It focuses on two police officers with different methods of investigation. One follows a by-the-book approach to matters, while the other has no qualms about creating his own rules to smoothly make a case come together.

5. “The Package” (2018)

 | 8 Films And Dramas To Watch If Like Choi WooShik

The 12 episode K-Drama revolves around a group of people brought together under the Package tour led by tourist guide Yoon SoSo in France, which follows a group of tourist companions to find love, friendship and growth through their shared interest in the sport of shopping.

It stars Lee YeonHee, CNBLUE’s Jung YongHwa, Choi WooShik and Park BoGul.

6. “The Princess And The Matchmaker” (2018)

 | 8 Films And Dramas To Watch If Like Choi WooShik

“The Princess And The Matchmaker’s “is a fun and light-hearted romantic comedy that tells the story of a matchmaker Seo DoYoon, who, on royal orders, is given the task of finding a match for princess SongHwa. The princess, however, isn’t keen on marrying someone just because their names match, and she finds this entire practice ridiculous.

She decides to go out into society and find her own Prince Charming. The drama stars Shim EunKyung, Lee SeungGi, Yeon WooJin, CNBLUE’s Kang MinHyuk, and Choi WooShik.

7. “Set Me Free” (2014)

 | 8 Films And Dramas To Watch If Like Choi WooShik

Ji Young Jae (Choi Woo Shik) stars as a rebellious teenager in Set Me Free, a coming-of-age drama based on director Kim Tae Young’s own struggles when his father abandoned him at a young age. 16-year-old YoungJae has reached the age limit for his stay at Issac Home, a foster house where his father abandoned him, and conflicting emotions prevent him from returning home to his parent. Finally, however, he convinces the owner (Jung Da Bin) to become a priest.

Choi WooShik’s performance in the film earned him recognition from several critics, with him going on to win Best Actor for his performance at Busan International Film Festival.

8. “Our Beloved Summer” (2021)

 | 8 Films And Dramas To Watch If Like Choi WooShik

“Our Beloved Summer” is a funny romantic comedy about two light-hearted people who say to each other, “It was awful getting involved with you – let’s never see each other again!” But when the documentary they uploaded onto their social media profiles 10 years ago begins gaining fame, they are forced into being in the same shot together once more.

Choi Woong appears to be a light-hearted and nonchalant man, but he carries a deep yearning in his mind. As an adult still, he has perfected coming to terms with his reality. Kook Yeon Soo had always wanted to be the best student at her school, but she’s now come into her own as a young woman, just starting to get a handle on life.

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 | 8 Films And Dramas To Watch If Like Choi WooShik
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