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Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time | Step into the Future

Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time
Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time | Step into the Future

Science Fiction based anime shows have some of the best plots and world-building. It makes us indulge in the depths of human creativity and experience a wide range of dystopian and utopian realities. Even though many shows duplicate various sci-fi tropes, the shows are still very distinct and enjoyable. 

Futuristic-based anime shows make us dive into a new reality of creativity and fiction. From the dystopian settings to the utopian creations, it keeps us engaged just as well as other anime shows do. That’s why we have created a top 10 list of the best sci-fi anime shows we could find, so relax and enjoy a new world of shows and science!

Code Geass

Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time | Step into the Future THE DRAMA PARADISE
Code Geass Top 10 Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time

Code Geass has a compelling protagonist and insightful societal criticism, making it one of the most popular seinen series. It shares some similarities with Death Note but stands out from other anime in its use of science fiction and mecha. It embodies the precise definition of the term “classic.”

Lelouch sought retribution for his defeats and the restoration of individual liberty from the oppressive rule of Britannia. The “Geass,” a superpower that gave him the ability to mesmerize and manipulate others, was bestowed upon him. Unfortunately, Lelouch got sloppy with his newfound authority and turned out to be much like the dictators he used to rail against.


Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time | Step into the Future THE DRAMA PARADISE
Steins Gate Top 10 Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time

In 2011, the manga Steins; Gate was turned into an anime show.No robots, aliens, or space battles exist, yet one of science fiction’s trickiest subjects is explored. Despite the fact that time travel has been done to death, it has a purpose in this show.

Rintaro Okabe, the self-proclaimed “mad scientist,” is the source of all of the strange occurrences in Steins; Gate. He used a microwave oven to create a time machine. In the wake of a complex series of events, Okabe must erase much of the harm he inflicted in order to reunite with the lady he loves.

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Sword art online

Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time | Step into the Future THE DRAMA PARADISE
Sword Art Online Top 10 Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time

One of the most watched science fiction anime series in recent years is Sword Art Online. Playing characters quickly learn they can’t escape the virtual reality setting. They must continue playing until one side is triumphant or lost. The main issue, though, is that death in-game has real-world consequences.

As Kirito and Asuna strive to figure out the game together, they quickly develop romantic feelings for one another. Fantastically relevant in a world progressively going towards this sort of technology, the series investigates the influence of virtual reality on society.

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Gurren Lagann

Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time | Step into the Future THE DRAMA PARADISE
Gurren Lagann Top 10 Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time

Most shonen anime can’t compare to the quality of Gurren Lagann. Most fans would have a hard time getting into another shonen anime after being moved by a series as heroic, vibrant, and motivating as this one. Even though it only has 27 episodes, this science fiction post-apocalypse anime will leave its viewers with plenty of memorable moments and inspiring aphorisms to share with others for years to come.

Gurren Lagann follows Simon, a young kid who, along with the rest of humanity, has been forced to hide underground after being vanquished by a race of beast-men. Simon stumbled across an ancient mech, which allowed him to leave his cave and explore the wastes above ground. He will have to fight to restore this desolate world with his brother and any other survivors they may encounter.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time | Step into the Future THE DRAMA PARADISE
Neon Genesis Evangelion Top 10 Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time

The plot of Neon Genesis Evangelion may be compared to a jigsaw. Humans believed that a species of huge entities they called “Angels” had awoken on Earth and were responsible for a wide range of destructive events. Bio-machine mechs dubbed Evangelion are our only hope against them, but only emotionally unstable youths can pilot them.

Shinji Ikari, a protagonist whose flaws are a trademark, fits this description. His father doesn’t pay much attention to him, and he’s a bit of a wild child, but it just makes him more qualified to be an Eva pilot. What makes Neon Genesis Evangelion one of the finest science fiction anime of all time is difficult to nail down.

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Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time | Step into the Future THE DRAMA PARADISE
Inuyashiki Top 10 Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time

Sci-fi anime Inuyashiki follows the life of Ichiro, a regular guy who works an office job to make ends meet. Even when he built his family a brand new house, he didn’t even get a “thank you.” He was always the outcast in the family.

Inuyashiki gets struck down by a terminal illness one day. The news rocked him to his very core, so he went for a stroll to clear his head. A UFO slams into him, transforming him into a robotic killing machine. Tokyo Ghoul and Parasyte fans will enjoy Inuyashiki, a dark anime filled with gory depictions of the human body.


Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time | Step into the Future THE DRAMA PARADISE
Payasyte Top 10 Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time

Parasyte: The Maxim is a strange and unsettling anime about aliens that implant weapons into the brains of their human hosts. It’s like Venom, except with more gore and less surprise. Shinichi Izumi, our protagonist, forms an uneasy friendship with one of the aliens. As it settled into Shinichi’s right hand, he gave it the moniker “Migi.”

They’ve come to depend on one another for survival, and while Shinichi still struggles with the alien’s violent impulses, they’ve come to accept each other as necessary for their survival. The parasite wasn’t the smartest and couldn’t take over his mind. It is now Shinichi’s duty to protect humanity from parasites of a similar kind.


Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time | Step into the Future THE DRAMA PARADISE
Gintama Top 10 Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time

Gintama parodies every single standard convention of the anime medium. It’s unlike any other show since it combines science fiction with comedy, action, and fantasy. It is set in a time when Japan was a feudal society. Aliens conquered Earth and outlawed samurai in this other timeline.

Gintoki, our protagonist, is a charming former samurai. However, he is now in dire straits and must take on odd jobs. He relaxes on the couch, lazes around, picks his nose, and reads manga when he’s not busy. In comparison to other science fiction works this series is refreshingly light.

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Cowboy Bebop

Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time | Step into the Future THE DRAMA PARADISE
Cowboy Bebop Top 10 Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time

The name Cowboy Bebop, from the groundbreaking sci-fi anime that debuted in 1999, has become almost synonymous with the genre. Suffice it to say that it represents the anime subgenre most prominently. Even though many other science fiction anime have tried and failed, Cowboy Bebop still reigns supreme. Like Trigun, it deftly integrates a wide variety of genres without ever seeming cluttered, giving Cowboy Bebop’s setting an authentic sense of life and variety.

Cowboy Bebop has a straightforward premise: it follows a motley crew of underfed bounty hunters. Each episode tells its own complete tale from one of the four major characters’ points of view. Cowboy Bebop has a fantastic story and enduring characters. It also features superior animation compared to other modern anime. The quality of this anime has been unmatched by most others.

Dr. Stone

Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time | Step into the Future THE DRAMA PARADISE
Dr Stone Top 10 Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time

When it comes to science fiction anime, Dr. Stone is right up there with the best of them. It’s exciting because it blends post-apocalyptic action with actual scientific concepts. The story follows Senku Ishigami, a young scientific prodigy as he makes his way through a world where everyone has been turned to stone.

Senku and his new companions must now reverse the effects of millions of years of human inertia by using only their rudimentary scientific knowledge and the benefit of trial and error. Dr. Stone is an unusual shonen anime in which the main character relies more on his wits than his brawn and his realism than his ideals.


 In the end, sci-fi anime shows are one of the best genres of anime and are enjoyable by all sorts of viewers. So , to sum it all up, every show is enjoyable and interesting, so sit back and let us know your favorite show.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the rarest genre in anime?

There is one particular type of genre that is rarely seen in anime, and that is Historically accurate anime shows.

What anime is closest to real life?

Barakamon is one of the anime shows which is closest to real life. It is known for its relevance to Japanese culture and its lighthearted humor.

Which anime has the best world?

There are a lot of anime shows with exceptional world-building. Our top 3 would be One Piece, Naruto, and Dragon Ball.

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