K-Dramas Dominate Netflix’s Global Top 10 Non-English TV Shows Ranking

Netflix released a comprehensive list of its top 10 most-watched non-English TV shows worldwide. This data was based on the hours viewed from March 28 to April 3, 2022. With all of the recent Korean content launched onto Netflix and continues to be added weekly, it is no surprise that 6 out of the top 10 non-English TV shows on the platform are Korean dramas.

In further detail, Business Proposal, which has been in the top rankings for quite a while, was watched for 32,520,000 hours in the given time frame.

“Twenty-Five Twenty-One” ranked number two and was streamed for 26,210,000 hours in the same week.

Similarly, “Forecasting Love and Weather” comes in at rank 4 with 15,020,000 hours watched.

“Forecasting Love And Weather” is closely followed by “Thirty, Nine”, which ranks 5th with 13,510,000 hours of watch time.

The zombie drama “All of Us Are Dead” makes a list at number 7, proving that its popularity among viewers has been strong since its release. “All Of Us Are Dead” was watched for 9,430,000 hours in the given period.

Lastly, we have Juvenile Justice. This brilliant and moving courtroom drama about juveniles recorded 9,340,000 hours of viewership.

How many of these K-Dramas have you watched? Tell us in the comments down below!


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