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Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, And Park Ji Hu Confirmed To Cast As Sisters In Upcoming tvN Drama

Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, And Park Ji Hu Confirmed To Cast As Sisters In Upcoming tvN Drama THE DRAMA PARADISE

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Kim Go Eun and Nam Ji Hyun will be joining the cast for the upcoming tvN drama “Little Women”.

It’s been confirmed that Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun and Park Ji Hu are the leading actors in the new drama.

“Little Women” is a close-knit story about three sisters and the bonds they have that bring them together through thick and thin and bring them closer to their dreams.

Kim Go Eun plays the role of Oh In Joo, the eldest sister of the family. As a child growing up in extreme poverty, her only dream was to live as well off as other ordinary people, but a significant incident completely shook up her life. By necessity, however, she has become very capable of thinking for herself, which she finds to be at odds with her need to care for and protect others who are also important to her.

Nam Ji Hyun stars as Oh In Kyung, a news reporter who does not want to be influenced by money and focuses on doing justice. When a mysterious case from her early reporter days returns close to her, she starts searching for the truth.

Park Ji Hu as Oh In Hye, a girl who feels constantly overwhelmed by her older sisters’ love. Since she never even had decent art supplies during her childhood, her family couldn’t afford them. However, she still entered an art high school with her natural talent.

“Little Women,” a drama set to be helmed by Kim Hee-Won and written by Jung Seo Kyung, will premiere in 2022 on tvN.

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