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“My Beautiful Man: Eternal” is set to have its streaming premiere on August 8th.

My Beautiful Man: Eternal
My Beautiful Man: Eternal

Movie Sequel ‘My Beautiful Man: Eternal’

The highly-anticipated Japanese BL movie, “My Beautiful Man: Eternal,” will be released on a local streaming platform this month. The movie serves as a sequel to the popular two-season Japanese TV drama, which was based on Nagira Yuu’s award-winning comic series ‘Utsukushii Kare.’ The movie stars actor-singer Yusei Yagi, a member of the J-pop group FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE, and Riku Hagiwara, reprising their roles as Kiyoi So and Hira Kazunari. It is directed by Mai Sakai and written by Fumi Tsubota. Other cast members include Takano Akira, Ochiai Motoki, Nimura Sawa, and Maeda Kentaro.

“My Beautiful Man: Eternal” was initially released in Japan on April 7th, and it has achieved significant success at the box office, grossing 3 million sales to date. The movie was also screened at the 27th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival and had subsequent releases in Vietnam, Taiwan, and South Korea. Now, it is set to be available for local streaming on U-NEXT on August 8th.

The plot revolves around Hira, a quiet individual with no friends, and Kiyoi, the most popular boy in school, who become lovers and start living together after facing numerous challenges post-high school graduation. However, as they approach university graduation, Hira, now working as a cameraman’s assistant, starts to distance himself from Kiyoi, who has become a successful actor, out of concern not to hinder his career. This causes a gradual drift between the two.

As for international release details, no information has been provided yet. However, fans can enjoy the six-episode ‘My Beautiful Man’ and its four-episode second season on the LGBTQ+ BL streaming platform, GagaOOLala.

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THE DRAMA PARADISE | "My Beautiful Man: Eternal" is set to have its streaming premiere on August 8th.
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THE DRAMA PARADISE | "My Beautiful Man: Eternal" is set to have its streaming premiere on August 8th.