Top 4 Korean Web Dramas To Have On Your Watchlist This May 2022

Do you know what dramas are airing this month? Are you aware of the different genres and types? If not, no worries. We are here to help make your drama watching checklist for May!

Previously, we recommended dramas starting in May (here). So let’s have a look at the web dramas streaming this month.

1. “Goo PilSoo Is Not There”

Goo PilSoo, the owner of a chicken store with no family but living in a house, and JeongSeok, a young businessman who has items but no money to start a business, are engaged in a life-friendly human comic drama.

The relationship between these drastically different characters promises to create interesting dynamics and a chance for Highlight Yoon DooJoon to prove his acting chops by pulling off his role.

  • Cast: Kwak DoWon, Highlight Yoon DooJoon, Han GoEun, Park WonSook, Jeong DongWon
  • Genre: Comedy
  • When: From May 4

2. “Love Class”

“Love Class” is a youth-oriented BL drama about the journey of first love. It features students who learn the meanings of family and community as they experience life-altering events in university lectures.

Everybody loves a good campus drama, especially when it’s a BL. The rookie actors in the cast are also incredibly handsome, and we’re looking forward to seeing how their romance will progress as the story unfolds!

  • Cast: Han HyeonJun, Kim TaeHwan, Ryu InAh
  • Genre: BL, Romance, Youth
  • When: From May 13

3. “Rose Mansion”

“Rose Mansion” is a work of mystery and suspense in which JiNa comes home to find her sister missing. However, as she searches around their home, she realises that something more sinister may happen as she faces an unexpected truth while tracking suspicious neighbours with detective MinSu.

This story promises an intriguing character arc featuring Lim JiYeon. She’s a character who has to overcome her inferiority complex to help fulfil the mission and find out the truth about her sister while dealing with Yun KyunSang’s stubborn personality, who helps her.

  • Cast: Lim JiYeon, Yun KyunSang
  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller
  • When: From May 13

4. “Welcome to Wedding Hell”

A story about a couple getting married who has to deal with the ups and downs of married life.

This will be a realistic portrayal of a theme often portrayed in completely unrealistic endings. These two lovers’ struggles should create an exciting and dynamic contrast against the otherwise happy ending.

  • Cast: Lee YeonHee, Lee JinWook
  • Genre: Romance
  • When: From May 23

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