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Watch Park So Dam Makes A Dangerous Delivery In New Action Film

“Special Cargo”, the upcoming film starring Park So Dam’s, has unveiled its main poster!

“Special Cargo” or “Unusual Delivery” is an upcoming action movie about a young woman named Eun Ha who works as a delivery driver with an impressive 100 % success rate. She never disappoints, whether she has to deliver urgently needed medical supplies or extremely fragile paintings with which corners cannot be cut.

The tough girl Eun Ha is a ferocious female courier who will deliver anything speedily and safely but winds up herself unexpectedly taking on human cargo in the form of a young boy.

Eun Ha and Seo Won live in a turn-of-the-century Asia rampant with crime. As they flee for their lives while being chased by Kyung Pil, a corrupt police officer who moonlights as a gangster (played by Song Sae Byuk), they must find the strength to overcome an unfathomable amount of hurdles before their chance of survival becomes slim.

The film’s new poster perfectly captures the thrill and suspense of its high-stake pursuits as Eun Ha utilizes her steering wheel to avoid Kyung Pil’s gun. The protagonist’s calm composure is a perfect reflection of her resolve to bring down this nemesis once and for all!

Watch Park So Dam Makes A Dangerous Delivery In New Action Film THE DRAMA PARADISE

The poster’s caption states, “She’s put everything on the line for a non-returnable special delivery!”

“Special Delivery” will premiere on January 12.

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