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“Why Her?” (2022 Drama): Cast & Summary

“Why Her?” (2022 Drama): Cast & Summary THE DRAMA PARADISE

In the drama “Why Her?” romance explodes at a law school.

Seo HyunJin, Hwang InYoup, and Bae InHyuk have been chosen to play the main roles in this drama.

In this drama, Seo HyunJin, known as the “RomCom Queen,” will show a completely different side of herself. She has been in the dramas “Dr. Romantic,” “Temperature of Love,” “The Beauty Inside,” and “You Are My Spring.” When asked why she wanted to play, Seo HyunJin said, “I want to play an evil woman.”

Hwang InYoup started as a model in 2017, and he became well-known in the TV show “True Beauty,” which was based on a webcomic. He was also in the dramas “WHY,” “Freshman,” “The Tale of Nokdu,” and “18 Again.” He is now one of the actors with the most Instagram fans.

Bae InHyuk made his acting debut in 2019. Since then, he has been in the dramas “My Roommate Is a Gumiho,” “The Spies Who Loved Me,” and “At a Distance, Spring Is Green,” as well as the web dramas “XX” and “Kiss Scene in Yeonnamdong.”

Kim Ji-Eun, who wrote “Cheongdamdong Scandal,” “Enemies from the Past,” and “Lie After Lie,” and Park Su-Jin, who directed “Doctors,” “Dr. Romantic,” and “While You Were Sleeping,” are running the show.

Why Her? (2022)

“Why Her?” (2022 Drama): Cast & Summary THE DRAMA PARADISE


  • Title: Why Her? / Why Oh SooJae? / Wae Osujaeinga / 왜 오수재인가?
  • Director: Park SuJin
  • Writer: Kim JiEun
  • Network: SBS
  • Runtime: From June 3
  • No. of Episodes: 16
  • Genre: Romance
  • Language: Korean


It is a drama that shows a painful, exciting, warm love story about a woman who made a mistake in life but eventually makes up for it by falling in love with a man and learning to love herself.


Hwang InYoup as Gong Chan

“Why Her?” (2022 Drama): Cast & Summary THE DRAMA PARADISE

Gong Chan is in his first year of law school at SeoJung University and owns a bar. In the past, he was wrongly accused of a crime and sent to prison.

In the end, his name was cleared, and it was said that he had been jailed unfairly. However, he sees SooJae again when she is working as an adjunct professor.

Seo HyunJin as Oh SooJae

“Why Her?” (2022 Drama): Cast & Summary THE DRAMA PARADISE

SooJae is the youngest partner and law lecturer at TK Law Firm. She is a well-known lawyer, but people call her mean names and criticise her. But in reality, she is different, but people think she is strange.

Bae InHyuk as Choi YoonSang

“Why Her?” (2022 Drama): Cast & Summary THE DRAMA PARADISE

YoonSang is the second son of Choi TaeGuk, the head of TK Law Firm. He is a sophomore at SeoJung University Law. He has a crush on his tutor, Oh SooJae. Years later, when he goes to law school, he meets Oh SooJae again as his professor.

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“Why Her?” (2022 Drama): Cast & Summary THE DRAMA PARADISE
“Why Her?” (2022 Drama): Cast & Summary THE DRAMA PARADISE
“Why Her?” (2022 Drama): Cast & Summary THE DRAMA PARADISE

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