10 Best Lesbian Korean Movies of All Time

Lesbian Korean Movies

Lesbian Korean Movies usually get the short end of what was already a sharp stick. This is because Korea has only recently become less conservative enough to start making LGBT-themed dramas and movies other than the occasional gem.

This makes it hard to find gay or lesbian series, and lesbian series are even harder to find. So, here are the top 10 Korean lesbian movies of all time that you must watch.

1. The Handmaiden (2016)

During the Japanese occupation, Hideko, a Japanese heiress living in the country with her uncle, hires Sook-Hee as her maid. But these nobles don’t know that Sook-Hee is a pickpocket hired by a con man posing as a Japanese Count who wants to marry Hideko for her inheritance.


2. Don’t Say Sorry (2018)

Choi Yeon is the subject of rumours at school. She doesn’t really care about the rumours that say she is a lesbian. She likes how friendly Ha-gyeong is to her, but it turns out that the rumours about her may be true.


3. Boss in Love (2018)

Se Young has to work extra hours a lot. Her lover, Hye Mi, gets used to this by coming to see her at work and going on dates there. But Joo Ah, a new employee, shakes up their relationship.


4. Perfect One-Night Stand (2020)

Ji Hye is looking for a one-night stand and hopes to find the right person. But it’s not as easy as she thought it would be.


5. Life is Peachy (2011)

Yoon Ji-woo and Kang Ji-woo were planning a fake suicide together. But she is now handcuffed by detective Min-yong and, to her surprise, falls in love.


6. Ordinary Family (2014)

Su Young has planned her first trip with her girlfriend, Young-Mi. But the day before she is supposed to leave, she finds out that her father has been taken to the hospital. So she decides to delay her vacation by one day to spend time with her family.


7. Our Love Story (2016)

Yoon Joo is an art student, and she is working on her final project right now. She runs into Ji Soo at a junk shop while looking for something. After this first meeting, she feels attracted to the girl, and they go out together. She never really liked dating men, but dating women was much more fun.


8. Between The Seasons (2019)

Hae Soo just moved to a new city so she can start over. She opens a cafe, and Ye Jin, a high school student, goes there often. She goes there so often that she soon gets a job and falls in love with Hae Soo.


9. Family Plan (2016)

Two high school girls came up with a plan to have a child who looked like both of them. Now, nine years later, one of them is about to get married, and their plan is being implemented.


10. Moonlit Winter (2019)

Lesbian Korean Movies

In the middle of winter, a mother and daughter live alone in a village that is covered in snow. One day, the daughter finds an old letter to her mother about lost love. The letter was written to her mother long ago.




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