Top 10 Best Thai BL Dramas of 2023 to Watch

Top 10 Best Thai BL Dramas of 2023 to Watch

2023 was actually a fab year for all the bl addicts. The industry (especially Thai bls has become the soft identity of thailand) is becoming famous every single day, a lot of new lead pairs and series are being released on day to day basis (for a bl addict like me friday, saturday and sunday are always packed).

Even though the number of series are increasing, the quality of the content is actually at risk…. In between all these, 2023 gave us so many gems. There are series who introduced us into the world of manhwas like alphaomegaverse (you know which one I’m refering to), historical/period, timetravel, pure human emotion, deepest desires of youths…… So many emotions and so many genres were touched in this year. I think 2023 was the most flourished year for BLs around the world.

1. Midnight Series: Moonlight Chicken

 | Top 10 Best Thai BL Dramas of 2023 to Watch
Thai BL

When the magician (P’Aof) made a MASTERPIECE. I’m in love with this series (do check my review of the series). This will touch your soul. Every character was designed and potrayed at its best. A real MASTERPIECE.

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2. The Sign

 | Top 10 Best Thai BL Dramas of 2023 to Watch
Thai BL

The GAMECHANGER- done best at every department(P’Saint threw money without hesitation).

A series which handled the historic traditional beliefs of thailand, when Naga and Garuda, born enemies fell for each other… Best CG effect, best story, best acting/cast.. Well handled.

3. The Last Twilight

 | Top 10 Best Thai BL Dramas of 2023 to Watch
Thai BL

P’Aof waved his wand again and made a heart-touching piece.

Heart touching, if you are already a jimmysea fan then u can see a more polished version of them on the series, all the characters are given importance and ofcourse P’Aof started and ended the year with a bang.

4. Dead Friend Forever

 | Top 10 Best Thai BL Dramas of 2023 to Watch
Thai BL

Rollercoaster ride, gave  some future lead actors for the industry.

Thrilling as hell, a cast with well promising  actors for thai industry, very good story and its presentation. The show depicts how we humans show our darkest desires and also touches some intersting contents. The last episode just ended with so many doubts,  expecting a second season soon.

5. Only Friends

 | Top 10 Best Thai BL Dramas of 2023 to Watch
Thai BL

Not Faen(bf), u don’t want to get confused, right? When Gmmtv unleashed another surprise.

Story of a group of 4 friends, how they all fall in love with other four making these group of 8 to go through emotional rollercoaster. Betrayel, revenge, true love, lust, disappointment, cheating, happines, friendship….. All the basic emotions are shown beautifully. Kudos to the cast and crew… My personal favourite couple is #SandRay(its amazing to have such a love story). Ost by Khao  is dope.

6. I Feel You Linger in the Air

 | Top 10 Best Thai BL Dramas of 2023 to Watch
Thai BL

Great story, great chemistry and sexy.

When Jom an architect who is renovating a historic house time travels to 1920s to meet the mysterious man in his dreams named Yai. Their lovestory is beautiful and hot. The series is an absolute watch for all the bl addicts out there.

7. Pit Babe

 | Top 10 Best Thai BL Dramas of 2023 to Watch
Thai BL

Vrooooommmm….. Screaaachhh………. Tony and his children… When manhwa world opened its door.

Welcomed us to the world of AlphaOmegaverse(manhwa readers are so happy)… Series had a set of stunning visuals. The series actually made us travel along the racing pit and was actually a new experience for me. I was so in love with the drama that i read the novel too… Personally i love the novel more so a kind reminder to the fans, watch the drama first then u mustttt read the novel, its a gem.

8. Be My Favourite

 | Top 10 Best Thai BL Dramas of 2023 to Watch
Thai BL

Cute and Sweet, loved the Ost.

Oh P’Krist, i loved the drama absolute fun along with heartouching scenes. The series is about how Botkawi who is in love with a girl named Praemai, is travelling back in time to be his 18yrs self to confess his love for her, but fate takes a turn and  he is finding his true love, through numerous trial and error. P’krist and Gawin have a very good chemistry in the series.

9. Cherry Magic

 | Top 10 Best Thai BL Dramas of 2023 to Watch
Thai BL

A genre needed for TayNew.

Adapted from japanaese manga, Japanese drama was also released.  Compared to jdrama, this is rather long and improvised version with almost complete lovestory and it is sweet indeed. The iconic bickering couple #TayNew is actually pretty calm but intense and took a mature step in this series.

10. Shadow

 | Top 10 Best Thai BL Dramas of 2023 to Watch
Thai BL

Super supernatural story.

P’Singto (My fav)came back with a bang, the story is super super supernatural and thrilling. His acting is perfect and the cast ing is very good. Series is placed to happen in 1999 in an all boys high school, the series just peaks its rating after every episode giving us teeth biting experieces…. You will definitely feel a chill down ur spine.


Even though these are my top 10, i would like to share some bonus good series….

  • Night dream
  • Dangerous romance
  • Laws of attraction
  • My universe
  • The whisperer
  • Venus in the sky
  • Bed friend
  • Wedding plan
  • Our sky 2
  • For Him
  • Naughty babe
  • Destiny seeker
  • Twins


So guys do enjoy these dramas and this is just my top 10, it may completely differ according to the reader’s perspective. As 2023 was so good i expect 2024 to be great. High expectations for old couples for their comeback, great expectations for new couples and so much anticipation for new QUALITY content series.

Frequently Asked Questions

“SOTUS: The Series” and “2gether: The Series” were among the most popular BL dramas in Thailand. Thailand has a vibrant BL genre with numerous beloved series and movies.

Who is the number one BL actor in Thailand?

One of the most prominent BL actors in Thailand was Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree, known for his roles in popular BL dramas such as “2gether: The Series” and “Still 2gether.”

“2gether: The Series” from Thailand gained significant popularity worldwide and had a substantial international fanbase. However, the popularity of BL dramas can vary depending on cultural trends, regional preferences, and individual tastes. Other popular BL dramas from various countries include “HIStory 3: Trapped” from Taiwan, “Love By Chance” from Thailand, and “SOTUS: The Series” also from Thailand.

What is the hottest Thai BL drama?

Determining the “hottest” Thai BL drama can be subjective and depends on personal preferences. However, some BL dramas are known for their popularity and steamy scenes, such as “SOTUS: The Series,” “TharnType: The Series,” and “2gether: The Series.” These dramas often include elements of romance, chemistry between the leads, and intimate scenes that appeal to fans of the genre.

Who is the best Thai BL couple?

The “best” Thai BL couple is subjective and varies depending on individual preferences and the chemistry perceived by viewers. However, some popular Thai BL couples that have garnered significant fan support includes:

  • Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree and Win Metawin Opas-iamkajorn from “2gether: The Series” and “Still 2gether.
  • “Krist Perawat Sangpotirat and Singto Prachaya Ruangroj from “SOTUS: The Series.”Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat and Gulf Kanawut Traipipattanapong from “TharnType: The Series.

“These couples have received acclaim for their on-screen chemistry, compelling performances, and the ability to captivate audiences with their love stories.

Which country has more BL dramas?

Thailand has been a prominent producer of BL (Boys’ Love) dramas, with a large number of series and movies in the genre. However, Taiwan and Japan also have significant BL drama industries. Taiwan’s BL dramas, often referred to as T-dramas, have gained popularity internationally, while Japan’s BL dramas, known as Yaoi or Shounen-ai, have a dedicated fanbase as well.

Overall, Thailand has been particularly prolific in recent years in producing BL content, but the genre has a presence in several countries across Asia.

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 | Top 10 Best Thai BL Dramas of 2023 to Watch
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