10 Best Sitcom Korean Drama You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Korean Drama

If you have already watched a ton of korean dramas and can’t decide what to watch, you must binge into
watching these. These high content dramas contain comedy, romance and suspense.

1. The Sound Of Your Heart (2016)

Korean Drama

This drama revolves around Jo Suk and Ae Bong hilarious love adventure including their dogs, older
brother Jo Joon, and parents followed with full comedy. This drama is based on the popular webtoon
series of the same name.


  • Lee Kwang Soo as Jo Suk
  • Kim Dae Myung as Jo Joo
  • Jung So Min as Choi Ae Bong
  • Kim Byung Ok as Jo Chul Wang

No Of Episodes – 20
Watch on – Netflix

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2. Boarding House No. 24 (2014)

This drama is based on a man who is the owner of Boarding House who then discovers he has a child 24
years ago. He then invites six different people to find out which one is his child. They start living together.


  • Min Do Hee as Herself
  • Ken as Himself
  • Kim Dong Jun as Himself
  • Kim Sa Eun as Herself

No. Of Episodes – 12
Watch On – Viki

3. Welcome To Waikiki (2018)

If you hadn’t watched this drama,you really have missed the most wonderful comedy.This drama
revolves around six characters.Dong gu,Du shik and Jung ki along with Seo jin guesthouse named
“Waikiki Guesthouse” to collect money for their film. Things go differently when a single mother enters
the house with her baby. Later, Dong Gu’s ex-girlfriend also lives in the house.


  • Kim Jung Hyun as Kang Dong Goo
  • Lee Yi Kyung as Lee Joon Ki
  • Son Seung Won as Bong Doo Shik
  • Jung In Sun as Han Yoon Ah

No. Of Episodes – 20
Watch On – Netflix, Viki

4. So Not Worth it (2021)

The most underrated drama is filled with the most comedy and an experience of making new friends
from different countries. Se-wan,Ra of the international dorm met Jamie an American student and Se-wan
tricks him into thinking he cracked the screen on her phone. To help pay for it, she takes him to the
various jobs she works, but he’s nothing but a klutz.


  • Shin Hyun-sung as Jamie
  • Park Se-wan as Se-wan
  • Minnie as Minnie
  • Carson Allen as Carson

No. Of Episodes – 12
Watch on – Netflix

5. The Fiery Priest (2019)

This action -comedy-suspense series will leave you laughing even after it has ended. Kim Hae ll,a former
NIS agent leaves his job after an impactful incident that changes his perception of life and becomes a
priest. Kim Hae ll continues to remain irritable and short- tempered. As he goes about to investigate the
death of his fellow priest, you will get to witness super smooth action with just non-stop comedy.


  • Kim Nam-gil as Kim Hae ll
  • Lee Hanee as Park Kyung Sun
  • Kim Sung-kyun as Goo Dae Young
  • Keum Sae-rok as Seo Seung Ah

No. Of Episodes – 20
Watch On – Viki

6. Don’t Dare To Dream (2016)

This show may look dated but it’s truly an underrated gem. This drama follows Lee Hwa Shin ,Pyo Na Ri
and Go jeong Won.Pyo Na Ri who is head over heels for Lee Hwa Shin but he doesn’t show interest in
her. Later,Lee Hwa Shin become jealous when his friend Go Jeong Won starts to woo her and he starts
to do everything to win over back Pyo Na Ri’s attention.


  • Gong Hyo-Jin as Pyo Na-ri
  • Jo Jung-Suk as Lee Hwa-shin
  • Go Kyung-pyo as Go Jung-won
  • Seo Ji-hye as Hong Hye-won

No. Of Episodes – 24
Watch On – Netflix

7. Beautiful Gong Shim (2016)

A drama with wonderful cast that will make you laugh with their innocent madness. This drama is based
on a young girl Gong Shim who is relatively less attractive than her elder sister. A young stranger boy
rents a room on the rooftop of her building and starts liking her. But Gong Shim doesn’t like and they
bicker each time they meet.


  • Minah as Gong Shim
  • Namkoong Min as Ahn Dan-tae
  • Joo Wan On as Seok Joon-soo
  • Seo Hyo-rim as Gong Mi

No. Of Episodes – 20
Watch On – Netflix

8. Rooftop Prince (2012)

If you are tired from suspenseful time travel drama, then must watch this series of full fun time traveler
who travels from Joseon Dynasty to modern-day. Crown Prince Yi Gak is transported from Jeseon
Dynasty to modern-day Seoul where he unexpectedly cross paths with Ho Se Na who looks like her
deceased wife. Ye Gak takes on a job at Se Na’s company to get closer to her inorder to cover his wife’s
mysterious death. This drama takes you on laugh while he is struggling with modern-day technology.


  • Han Ji-min as Hong Bu-Young
  • Park Yoochun as Prince Lee Gak
  • Jeong Yu-mi as Hong Se-na
  • Lee Tae-sung as Yong Tae-mu

No. Of Episodes – 20
Watch On – Netflix

9. Coffee Prince (2007)

Go Eun Chul, a 24 years old tomboy who is often mistaken as a guy met Choi Han Gyul, the grandson of
Chairwoman Bang of Dong-in Foods. Being irresponsible, Choi Han Gyul hired Go Eun Chul to pretend his
gay lover so that he can escape the blind dates arranged by his grandmother.


  • Gong yoo as Choi Han Gyul
  • Yoon Eun Hye as Ko Eun Chan
  • Kim Jae-wook as Noh Sun-ki
  • Lee Sun-Kyun as Choi Han-sung

No. Of Episodes – 17
Watch On – Netflix

10. Mr. Queen (2020)

A modern chef Bong Hwan working at the president’s Blue House, somehow finds it’s way in the body of
Queen So Yong of the joseon period causing chose for everyone involved. So Yong will come to discover
that her husband harbors some secrets, decided to find them all.


  • Shin Hye Sun as Kim So Yong
  • Kim Jung Hyun as King Cheoljong
  • Bae Jong Ok as Dowager Sunwon
  • Kim Tae Woo as Kim Jwa Geun

No. Of Episodes – 20
Watch On – Viki


That’s it, these are few comedy dramas I would prefer you to watch. If you are stressed out and need a
good laughter, comedy dramas are the best escape. Binge into watching these. Stay tuned to know more
about Kdramas.

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