Top 5 K-dramas Of Summer 2022 Which Has A Completely Different Plot

In the recent times if there is any new culture that is being developed in the Gen Z, then it is the Korean culture. We all start at some point, either from the BTS, K-pop songs or the Korean singles etc. But recently, since the pandemic it has been different, the new hype is for K-dramas. It all started from ‘Squid game’, ‘Nevertheless’ or ‘All of us are dead’. So here’s to some more dramas which you mostly would enjoy and at the same time find a different side of K-dramas.

1. Twenty-Five Twenty-One

The drama is set to the time when new century was to begin, it all begins with the dream of a girl who is very desperate to become a fencer. The guy, who lost his wealth due to the new era struggles to stabilize his finances. The story moves when she meets new friends and the one who showed a way to her dream.

Their batch of 5 youngsters show us the way of life and the differences made due to the various circumstances. Here comes the love story, you’ll fall in love with the pair. It was all in the past, this story is being learnt by the daughter of the lead lady. Twenty-Five Twenty-one is not when they fall in love, watch the show and find out what happened when they were 25 21…

2. Business Proposal

This would show you what a typical K-drama looks like. You’ll find a rich man falling with a middle-class woman, they are boss-employee, but for her friend the woman gets tangled with her boss. Where the boss notices himself falling for the woman, the chemistry is so charming and cute that we all tend to put ourselves in their places.

Wait.. hold on.. there we got our second lead couple who is the boss’s secretary and the woman’s friend. They get attracted to each other at their first sight, however due to mis-communication they grow apart making them to fall in love. Watch the show, whilst having fun find out your comfort and favourite couple.

3. Soundtrack #1

Just like your customized playlist, this soundtrack makes a warm impact of how sweet life is and the small factors in love which make you feel more special. It is a short drama with just 4 episodes, with lot of little moments of love.

It is how a person cannot tell his feelings to his best friend. She realizes his feelings but is in a dilemma, as she is scared of loosing him with love. Will she be honest with her feelings with him..?

4. Forecasting Love and Weather

When they say love and weather they both are equally important for the leads. The woman is a hard-working self-driven person who tries to have a balanced life. She plans to marry her boyfriend, however he deceives her with an other woman who was the girlfriend of our lead. Both the leads find out at the same time and also struggle with their jobs due to the wrong forecasts and the media’s claims.

The leads are very different from each other, one is at the top of their work while other at the beginning stage. But they struggle together to put up with their families. The deceived couple faces similar issues, they show what could be the problems even if you marry the person you love. Everyone struggles with their work and family, so try to be a positive person and overcome the hurdles. Will they be able to overcome their struggles, and have a happy ending.. maybe that’s what we want.

5. Ghost Doctor

A skilled doctor, who is known to be an arrogant one because of his past and unshown feelings. When the doctor meets aneasy going rookie resident, and finds himself being a spirit due to an accident caused by antagonists; he starts changing and start to become a sweet one by learning various people’s hardships and the sacrifices made by them.

This drama is a slice of life how many people around us plot against us and also try to help us. There are also the female doctors who love and support their doctors. Let us watch the show and know the politics in the hospital and how both the ghost doctor and the rookie doctor overcome them together.


Keep trying different K-dramas to watch out what you were missing on. By the way did you find any favourite genre and favourite actor and actress, you’ll find them soon though.

Comment and let us know your favourite K-dramas.

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