10 Family K-dramas That Will Make Your Heart Warm

Family is truly one of the most unique things in existence. Sometimes you just want to get away from them, but deep down, you know that life wouldn’t be worth living without them. Family members always seem to be a bit interesting and funny – and they’re the ones that give us many good laughs in between, though we also have our fair share of moments with annoyance!

One might think that family dramas are a bit over-the-top when it comes to plot and character development. Still, everyone recognizes how relatable each episode or film is as they really show off scenes that are familiar to everyone everywhere. So here are some K-dramas that will make you feel your heart warm-up for the family factor!

1. My Father is Strange

 | 10 Family K-dramas That Will Make Your Heart Warm
“My Father is Strange” follows a family where the father (Kim Young Chul) has quite an interesting past. It gets even more complicated when a random idol (played by Lee Joon) shows up claiming that he is also a part of this very same family. This drama makes you wonder what secrets your parents could possibly be harbouring.
Though the parents’ issues are in no way their fault, it shows you just how far parents would go to make life better for their children. I had to admit that my attention span isn’t exactly the best with watching dramas on Viki, but this one was so good!

2. What Happens to My Family?

 | 10 Family K-dramas That Will Make Your Heart Warm

As a parent, one’s greatest wish is to simply see their children happy, but what happens when things aren’t going so well? Then there comes a time to be put into perspective or get your priorities in order, as many would say.

Miss Hammurabi, a drama that revolves around the life of Korean Judge Sung Shi Hyung, who wants nothing more than for her countrymen to live wholeheartedly and happily no matter what the costs, teaches audiences that we need not worry about losing opportunities in our lives as long as we prioritize living the way we should with honesty and integrity.

3. Father, I’ll Take Care of You

 | 10 Family K-dramas That Will Make Your Heart Warm

This television show gives us a fun, lighthearted glimpse into the lives of people in their sixties who have to start taking care of their adult children again after years of living alone. Seeing older siblings revert right back to childish behaviour and seeing just how their parents adjust to this phase of life reminds us that kids don’t really change much as they grow up; instead, they just learn and understand more.

The issue with adult children moving back in is on everyone’s mind, especially millennials who face a tough job market and massive amounts of student debt, both items making it difficult for many adults to gain financial stability. So, even though moving back home may seem like it would be less than ideal, this drama really is as tonally well-balanced and poignant as it sounds. But, then perhaps living at home as an adult isn’t as bad an idea as one might believe.

4. Ojakgyo Brothers

 | 10 Family K-dramas That Will Make Your Heart Warm

If there is anything we have learned from dramas revolving around family, they need to live together. The drama ‘Ojakgyo Brothers’ is about a family that lives together on a farm, and this star-studded cast, including UEE, Joo Won, and more, are sure to make you laugh with the excitement that entails from so many people living together in such close quarters!

These dramas can be like an onion when it comes to getting to the heart of their story. Characters are intertwined for different periods of time during a story arc and connected through other plotlines before being brought back together again. They also provide a commentary into current events somewhat as if they were headlines making each more interesting throughout the course of their run!

5. My Daughter, Seo Young

 | 10 Family K-dramas That Will Make Your Heart Warm

Easily the highest-rated drama of 2013, “My Daughter, Seo Young” stars Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon. However, this drama is more like a movie than a series since it tells one continuous story and doesn’t have separate subplots.

The show has some fairly adult themes which may not be suitable for young viewers. However, the primary focus of the drama is the long journey of reparation Seo Young’s father embarks upon to make things right with his daughter. The thundering relationship between father and daughter, siblings banding together through trials and tribulations, and children never giving up on their parents are all sure to be found in this drama.

6. The ‘Reply’ Series

 | 10 Family K-dramas That Will Make Your Heart Warm

Aside from the guessing game of who a husband could be ( haha, it’s so hard to keep up with these dramas, lmao oh my gosh), all-time favourite “ Reply series” has a way about it that makes you want to show off your family side. With funny outbursts, awesome puns, and trending hilarious moments, else could delight us more than friendly banter between a tight-knit family bond?

While some characters may change from one season to the next, what remains constant are the parents. Song Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa have reprised their roles in absolute perfection again! There quite isn’t anything you can do when these two parents are on screen!

Additionally, I never knew how much I would love sisterhood until the “Reply” series came along. It makes me wish I had 4 sisters to enjoy food with, get scolded alongside, and more.

7. Good Doctor

 | 10 Family K-dramas That Will Make Your Heart Warm

In the recently released K-drama “Good Doctor”, which follows the journey of a doctor played by Joo Won on the medical drama, there are many issues that the cast faces as they navigate through hospital politics and procedures. But amidst all of this hardship is where we find brotherhood. The bromance between one of our main characters, Park Si On (Joo Won) and his brother Park Shi On (Jin Young), makes it impossible not to fall for their sweet yet sincere relationship.

At first glance, it may seem like these brothers do not get along, but that is simply what Korea has done so well with this particular drama: making you think one thing when in actuality, something else is happening on another level.

There are moments when our two protagonists really grow closer together after facing challenges that others have found too much to bear. But, ultimately, being brothers isn’t about blood; it’s about being there for each other in times when problems feel insurmountable.

8. Shining Inheritance

 | 10 Family K-dramas That Will Make Your Heart Warm

“Shining Inheritance” is a story about families of all shapes and sizes. This drama reminds us of our diverse family units, from corruption scandals to generational divides and sibling rivalry. However, one part that stands out in this drama is the strength of love between families, especially sisters.

Every character has their own share of issues around blood ties vs love from parents to sons and daughters. So it’s just another reminder that while relationships may be fragile, these people do care for each other on a day-to-day basis.

9. Once Again

 | 10 Family K-dramas That Will Make Your Heart Warm

Some countries will often export their dramas because they’re trendy, and Korea is no exception! They have many unique shows that are praised far and wide. One of the shows which are very popular across the globe is “Once Again”. This show covers not only romance but many life lessons too.

It shows family bonds, the power love has to unite a family or explode them from within, and how everyone plights times of trouble find strength in each other… In short, it offers a lot more than just simple entertainment like many dramas do; it gives one something to think about afterwards!

10. Never Twice

 | 10 Family K-dramas That Will Make Your Heart Warm

Never Twice is a series that tells the stories of unique people who live at the Paradise Inn, a lodging facility located in the heart of Seoul. It’s been their home for different reasons, and each room is memorable in its own way!

The first man through our door is Yoo Hyung Po, a man with a heart of gold. He just wants to make friends. Joon Yong lives in room 6. A ladyboy, his innocence shines through despite his tough upbringing. Other tenants that live with him include Eun Ji. She is honest and has a warm heart who try to get enough money together for tuition to start college again.

Gam Poong Ki – an old-time legend in Korea’s broadcasting industry; and Poong Sae Kyung – the last remaining member of a church sect that has effectively been extinguished by those in power who oppose it.

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 | 10 Family K-dramas That Will Make Your Heart Warm
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