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10 Best Korean Horror Movies You Must Watch Now

You must have watched many romantic movies, and now we have posted some of the recommendations. So why not taste horrors ones. It’s time to give the spotlight to some horror k-movies that you must watch.

Who doesn’t love horror stories?

There are a lot of movies that are solely dedicated to keeping you alive and make you gasp! Why should we let that genre die? It is a good genre for Korean TV and movies. There is nothing better than watching scary things in your free time.

If you are looking for the best horror movies to watch online, then you have landed on the right page! So here are the top ten best Korean Horror Movies you must watch right now.

1. Train to Busan

10 Best Korean Horror Movies You Must Watch Now THE DRAMA PARADISE

The story is of characters travelling from Seoul to Busan. Some scenes are enough to make you run the other way. Train to Busan is one of the most underrated movies, and we’re guessing only the biggest movie buffs know about this gem streaming on Netflix.

It may seem like an ordinary horror movie at first glance where people struggle to survive before becoming lunchmeat, but it’s far from it. Unlike other zombie flicks, Train to Busan is well-written and acted with quality cinematography.

2. The Wailing

10 Best Korean Horror Movies You Must Watch Now THE DRAMA PARADISE

A few months ago, one of the highest budget films to ever release in Korea, The Wailing, got an English language makeover by none other than Ridley Scott. Those who haven’t seen the movie are about residents of Korea being hit by some very unusual and often deadly diseases.

A local policeman gets involved when his family becomes infected (spoiler alert) and finds himself in a battle to save them and everyone else from these mysterious illnesses! You will probably ask from this excerpt alone why The Wailing remake ended up being such a disaster.

The premise was already so bizarre, and the fact that people living there would start getting ill for seemingly no reason is only the tip of the iceberg.

3. A Tale of Two Sisters

10 Best Korean Horror Movies You Must Watch Now THE DRAMA PARADISE

A Tale of Two Sisters was one of the best Korean horror films. The movie followed two sisters, Su-mi and Su-Yeon, who lived out their lives being raised by an abusive mother. They turned to each other for comfort during this tough time but remained estranged. Once they both left home and went their separate ways.

They were eventually reunited when the elder sister returned from a mental institution. But, unfortunately, they find themselves tormented by spirits that seek to harm them because of dark secrets involving their parents and grandparents. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, you can check it out today!

4. Thirst

10 Best Korean Horror Movies You Must Watch Now THE DRAMA PARADISE

If you’re looking for an erotic horror movie with a fantastic story, Thirst is the film for you. The portrayal of a priest who is brought back to life as a vampire is extremely gripping, and if you can get past the first third of the film, there are some truly incredible twists in the plot.

It’s not your typical love story though, it will freak out even the most hardcore horror junkie!

5. The Silenced

10 Best Korean Horror Movies You Must Watch Now THE DRAMA PARADISE

Although not nearly as famous as other horror films out there, The Silenced is a rather exceptional film and definitely worth a watch if you’re in search of a good scare. The movie is set in 1938 during the Japanese occupation, but that has nothing to do with the story itself, which is actually quite original. Unfortunately, it was shot in 2012.

Although it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, this film does have some fans who claim it was their favourite that year and could even rival that other hit. I’ve personally recommended this movie to countless people, and they all came back raving about how great it was.

6. Death Bell

10 Best Korean Horror Movies You Must Watch Now THE DRAMA PARADISE

Horror films are scary enough, to begin with, but when they involve high achieving students from top-level schools suddenly disappearing at random and ending up dead in a variety of gruesome ways, it can become even more frightening. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens in Death Bell.

If you are a soft-hearted person, I recommend you not to watch. It will become a nightmare for you, or maybe not, totally depends on you.

7. Phone

10 Best Korean Horror Movies You Must Watch Now THE DRAMA PARADISE

Phone is a Korean horror film about ghost possession and was released recently at several international film festivals. It was nominated for several awards, including Best New Director, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Actress.

The movie’s plot revolves around a reporter who answers a phone call from her grandmother and eventually decides to rescue her friend’s little girl instead of speaking with her. However, things suddenly take a darker turn when she decides she can’t bring herself up to end the call even though her friend’s daughter is being tortured on the other side.

8. I Saw the Devil

10 Best Korean Horror Movies You Must Watch Now THE DRAMA PARADISE

I Saw The Devil is one of the most grisly movies, and it is definitely not for the weak-hearted person. It revolves around a secret service agent who gets revenge on a serial killer who decapitates and dismembers his fiancée.

The movie I Saw The Devil stars the talented actress, Lee Jung-Jae, as a secret service agent whose fiancée is viciously murdered by a seemingly unstoppable murderer. Lee then seeks his revenge on the killer through various stages of absolute torture, ending with a scene that you just have to witness for yourself.

9. The Read Shoes

10 Best Korean Horror Movies You Must Watch Now THE DRAMA PARADISE

Who doesn’t love a free accessory? Are you among those who’ve always wanted to have an awesome pair of shoes, or perhaps you’ve been coveting someone else’s? Life is full of surprises, and sometimes such good fortune isn’t something you’ll be able to ignore.

Once, a woman named Kim’s happened upon a fabulous set of red heels on her subway commute home. But soon after discovering them, she experiences dead bodies that only seemed to vouch for their dark secret. That’s a trade-off we know not many people would make – but perhaps you would!

10. Don’t Click

10 Best Korean Horror Movies You Must Watch Now THE DRAMA PARADISE

A more recent title made by game developer studio Broom Doesn’t Click is the Internet. It follows Jung-Mi, who lives her daily life in South Korea and finds an interesting video on the popular online forum Oni Chan.

After downloading what she thinks will be a funny cat video, strange things begin to happen around Jung-Mi that eventually lead to her death! What does this have to do with the forbidden video? Find out more when you play Don’t Click today!

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