10 K-Dramas With Multiple Seasons For You To Must Start Now

It used to be a rarity, but nowadays, multi-season dramas are on the rise. They have become more common these days, so it’s not really a shock to see your favourite drama get a second season added to its repertoire. In fact, some even acquire additional seasons!

If you’re someone looking for longer shows to binging on this weekend, check out some of the below recommendations!

1. Voice

When talking about criminal procedure and thrillers on Korean TV, most people will think of “Voice.” Its compelling storyline packed with captivating players like sleek criminals and the people trying to catch them has left a strong impression on many viewers — so much so that it spawned three more seasons — an extremely distinct feat for the television industry in Korea.

The Golden Time team is made of different wonderful people who specialize in different things. One character is Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na; who appears in all four seasons), an officer and voice profiler gifted with enhanced psychoacoustic skills.

Total Number of Seasons: 4 (2017-2021)

2. Penthouse

The Penthouse was a stress-inducing thriller from 2020 which earned its own cult following. The first season began with the murder of a young girl, creating chaos within the walls of a high-end apartment complex inhabited by the show’s protagonists.

Season 2 of the drama series continues the story, which began with season one. The fact that these families are dealing with things like rivalries, acts of vengeance and marriages wrapped up in makjang (which is essentially an emotional or melodramatic storyline that elevates into something way more intense than what you’d expect) will take audiences on a fun, twisty ride – one of the super thrills!

Total Number of Seasons: 3 (2020-2021)

3. Forest of Secrets

“Stranger” is a top tier television series that also stars Bae Doona. It tells a thrilling and gripping story about a detective named Hwang Shi Mok (Cho Seung Woo), who teams up with the passionate prosecutor played by Bae Doona.

They got together and worked as a team to deal with the situation and clear their names! The writing and acting were superb, and I recommend it for anyone interested in cop shows.

Total Number of Seasons: 2 (2017-2020)

4. Kingdom

Netflix’s “Kingdom: The Series” presents a world brimming with political and social intrigue and ever-evolving conflict, characters who feel like people we know in our own lives, an apocalyptic plague that has the power to be as terrifying as it is tragic to those caught up in it, and zombies that suck the life out of everything good left in the world.

With its powerful narrative and superb production values, “Kingdom: The Series” engages from beginning to end.

Recently, a spin-off standalone special titled “Kingdom: Ashin of the North” has garnered so much attention that director Kim Seong Ryong is getting ready to start filming a second standalone special titled “Kingdom: Tale of the Crown Prince”, which centres around Joo Ji Hoon’s character Lee Chang.

Total Number of Seasons: 2 + 1 special (2019-2021)

5. Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist was one of the most well-received Korean dramas in 2020. Thankfully, the series was picked up for a second season this year, and all of the main characters from season one are back!

Everything about season 1 of this show is still great. The relationship between the five friends, the positive vibes, and the music is still as fun as vibrant as ever; we seem to get enough of their equally relatable and charming antics.

Total Number of Seasons: 2 (2020-2021)

6. Let’s Eat

“Let’s Eat” is another series that has managed to satisfy us with not just one but three seasons! And it’s certainly not surprising either, especially if you have ever taken a look at all of the close-up shots of food being prepped and cooked.

The slow-motion shots of food being scooped onto plates makes us want. We couldn’t help but unroll our sleeping bags right there on the floor!

Each season features Goo Dae Young (Yoon Doo Joon), who leaves his formal education to become a chef to start his own restaurant franchise.

Total Number of Seasons: 3 (2013-2018)

7. Love Alarm

When the online streaming platform Netflix released “Love Alarm,” it was one of its most-watched TVs series, and it even got a lot of attention from viewers worldwide.

In this universe, there’s an app that allows users to know the answer to the question of whether someone close finds them attractive. Rather than just a simple romance drama, there are social commentaries about social media’s dark sides, which will probably resonate with viewers.

The reception of the first season by Netflix convinced them to renew it for a second one which was recently released.

Total Number of Seasons: 2 (2019-2021)

8. Age of Youth

“Age of Youth,” also known as “Hello, My Twenties,” is a Korean comedy series about the lives of college students who are in their twenties and find themselves in various situations such as relationships and career-building.

These five women all happen to live together in a share house. Though they start out as strangers – rarely having any meaningful conversation – they end up becoming each other’s biggest advocates.

Total Number of Seasons: 2 (2016-2017)

9. Dr. Romantic

“Dr Romantic” is centred around a triple board-certified surgeon who, after experiencing a traumatic event, chooses to work at a much smaller hospital than his regular one.

A lot of success comes from how Han Suk Kyu plays the role of Dr. Kim Sa Bu and the heart-wrenching medical cases featured in each episode. Still, some new characters help keep the drama entertaining even after many episodes.

Total Number of Seasons: 2 (2016-2020)

10. Partners for Justice

Park Beom has been involved with the law enforcement system for 10 years. Park Beom is excellent with corpses yet does not open his heart to others. Eun Sol is a rookie prosecutor who had an unfortunate car accident in her youth but has an upbeat personality and wealthy family roots.

Park Beom, the cold-hearted doctor who specializes in death investigation, and Eun Sol, the warm-hearted prosecutor who holds grudges over past negative experiences, these two unlikely people must team up to catch a serial killer.

Total Number of Seasons: 2 (2018-2019)

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