Upcoming BL Web-Drama ‘My Sweet Dear’ Revealed Teaser Trailer

Web Drama My Sweet Dear which will be released in October, has released a good first promotional trailer. Fans caught the first encounter between Choi Jung Woo (Jang Ui Soo) and Yoon Do Gun (Lee Chan Hyung).

My Sweet Bride is a youthful romance series revolving around genius chef Jung Woo, who marches into the sacred kitchen of Laura Dining and wins the heart of Do Gun, the perfect and flawless owner-chef.

The Teaser

In the released video, viewers can see Woo and Gun interacting romantically with each other. In the clip from Laura Dining, Woo goes up to Gun as he passes by him at work and calls him with a sweet voice, “Chef Yoon Do Gun.” Then, he quickly took Do Gun’s apron strap. Finally, woo turns him around and smiles brightly at him.

In the meantime, Jung Woo finds himself blushing as he finds his own forwardness to be incredibly bold. He finds himself silently thanking those nervous butterflies that raced vehemently around his stomach and ruffled the clothes of this line of thought and led him to make such a daring move.

More About Drama

The fire flickers when the owner brings in Choi Jung Woo (Jang Eui Soo) to work in the same kitchen. The latter is a talented chef in his own right, but his real skills are in copying other people’s hit recipes rather than developing his own. Although the two chefs begin on the wrong foot, adopting an adversarial stance to one another, the beginnings of an unlikely love story start to form after getting to know one another. But, could rivalry turn to romance as the heat intensifies in the kitchen?

The Poster

 | Upcoming BL Web-Drama ‘My Sweet Dear’ Revealed Teaser Trailer


Drama: My Sweet Dear
Country: South Korea
Airs: Oct 2021
Original Network: Viki
Content Rating: 13+ – Teens 13 or older

Genres: Food & Cooking, BL, Drama
Cast: Lee Chan Hyung, Jang Eui Soo

 | Upcoming BL Web-Drama ‘My Sweet Dear’ Revealed Teaser Trailer

For The Fans of Jang EuiSoo

 | Upcoming BL Web-Drama ‘My Sweet Dear’ Revealed Teaser Trailer

Jang EuiSoo has been in the acting industry for a while now, and he’s been able to keep his head above water despite the various struggles that have come his way. From being cast in dramas to appearing in films, Jang EuiSoo’s acting talent has been considered top-notch.

He especially rose to popularity when he landed a role in the upcoming BL drama “Where Your Eyes Linger” since it will be airing around 2020 if all goes well!

Fans are especially excited about seeing gorgeous Jang EuiSoo with long hair on-screen. That Aura suits him.

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 | Upcoming BL Web-Drama ‘My Sweet Dear’ Revealed Teaser Trailer
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 | Upcoming BL Web-Drama ‘My Sweet Dear’ Revealed Teaser Trailer