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10 Sweet K-Pop Songs That Were Especially Written For Fans

Being a K-pop fan is like being in the mafia. You’ve gotta do what you gotta do to show your loyalty to your favourite groups, from hitting up their concerts, buying their albums and t-shirts, giving them gifts. Thus, many idol groups often use this as an opportunity to show their thanks by releasing songs created by themselves.

From classic pop to modern K-pop, here are some of the sweetest songs dedicated to fans!

1. “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal” – (BTS)

It’s been a long seven-year journey for BTS. While the group has experienced many ups and downs during their time together, they have remained strong as a unit. From BTS‘s 2020 album “Map of the Soul: 7”, The track named “We Are Bulletproof: the Eternal” is clearly the special one for both the group and Army.

The lyrics recount BTS’s journey and the hardships they have endured to be where they are today. Additionally, the group states their love for ARMY with a loud declaration that “We were only seven! But we have you all now!”

2. “Beautiful Feeling” – (DAY6)

DAY6 surprised fans on their third anniversary with the “Beautiful Feeling” release, and wow, did they ever! Bassist Young K participated in both the lyrics and composition of this song, confessing the group’s earnestly sincere emotions that seem to indicate a strong emotional attachment to their fandom that cannot be described by words such as love or like.

3. “You Can Stay” – (Stray Kids)

Stray Kids is here for you! Their track “You Can Stay” is an assuring call to fans that vocally expresses their gratitude for staying by the group’s side, and it couldn’t be more of an earworm. STAY. The song itself is a nod to its catchy melody, which resonates with the listener quite powerfully.

4. “Thanks” – (SEVENTEEN)

The best gifts in life aren’t the ones wrapped in fancy paper and bows. Instead, the best talents in life are the ones that we don’t anticipate receiving – it’s also these unexpected gifts that sometimes give us the greatest joy.

SEVENTEEN sing their appreciation for their fans who they can’t imagine having exist, and they thank them for always being by their side, no matter how many times the boys wish they could go on without them. And when it comes to expressing sincere gratitude, an earnest but simple “thank you” is all one needs!

5. “Aurora” – (ATEEZ)

The track named “Aurora” by ATEEZ described the feelings of the group when they were touring. In the song, Hongjoong compares their fans to a natural phenomenon for their loyalty and unwavering support from when the group was underground until they were famous.

Here’s a translation of some of the most meaningful lyrics in his song: “Every night in my sleepless state/ I kept seeing you in the sunset” and, “I thought I would lose sight/ Of everything at sunset/ It is not darkness but the light that has been beside me.”

6. “Thank You” – (GOT7)

“Thank you” is not only a catchy song by GOT7 but also has meaningful lyrics written to express thanks and gratitude to fans for their love and support. The lyrics are about the group telling fans not to feel sorry that they can’t do more when they have already given their all.

Through the song, GOT7 expresses this message to their fans through an apology for the limited amount of time they get to spend with them while also describing how thankful they are because of everything that they genuinely appreciate that supports them.

7. “Heart” – (IU)

IU’s self-composed song “Heart” is a gift to her fans. The lyrics, beautiful and clear as the night sky, are rich with gratitude for the constant love and support she has received from them. Her warm voice soothes listeners as she sings: “If everything in the world dies and reborn/ If I grow old again/ This heart won’t have any wrinkles/ It’s twinkling and living right here/ It lives forever.”

When IU sang this mesmerising song at the concert, it truly made everyone there feel like IU was singing just to them.

8. “With*One” – (IZ*ONE)

“With*One”, a sweet but sentimental song dedicated to their fans, WIZ*ONE, is about the powerful support that comes from having a four-leaf clover by your side. The song nicely represents what the girls of IZ*ONE felt when they created this project.

“It’s a sincere piece that all of us together composed, produced and prepared for WIZ*ONE,” explains Kwon Eun Bi kindly. “Revealing our inner selves in our lyrics was very difficult, so we hope you understand.”

9. “21:29” – (TWICE)

TWICE finished writing the lyrics to it at precisely 21:29. This time was chosen because of its significance; this is when their fan-letter campaign launched and went viral and resulted in TWICE reaching the 100,000 letter mark after only two weeks of their letter campaign had officially begun!

It is an appropriate title for a song that shows how much they appreciate the love and support fans have given them.

10. “Trust Me (Midzy)” – (ITZY)

The K-Pop group ITZY has recently released a song called ‘Trust Me’ dedicated to their fans, also known as MIDZY. The group tries to show how grateful and precious their fans’ trust is, but they are also looking to provide comfort and support to fans.

The song was released in Korean and English for global exposure to spread the unique message of gratitude to the fans!

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THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Sweet K-Pop Songs That Were Especially Written For Fans
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THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Sweet K-Pop Songs That Were Especially Written For Fans