5 Of Best Jang Ki Yong’s Roles You Must Watch

In an accident, Jang Ki Yong added a title to his name as he debuted as a K-drama actor with “It’s Okay That’s Love.” His path into acting may have been by chance, but we know that playing the role of Lee Sung Kyung‘s boyfriend in the series was total fate!

He has given fans countless performances with his unstoppable energy and incomparable charm, always keeping viewers coming back for more. Well, we all are waiting for his upcoming drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up”, and we can’t wait to see him again on screen and say farewell to him for now as he embarks on his new military adventure.

Let’s have a look at some of his past achievements that are worth talking about.

1. Kill It

 | 5 Of Best Jang Ki Yong’s Roles You Must Watch

Jang Ki Yong stars as Kim Soo Hyun, a veterinarian by day who also moonlights as an assassin when his job calls for it. Do Hyung Jin (Nana), the daughter of a powerful man in the neighbourhood, tries to befriend him after moving in next door.

However, her persistence doesn’t work on the cold-streaked Soo Hyun, who is determined to remain distant from her. Especially since he already knows that her father is working with the mafia and has ties to them, he hopes she’ll leave him alone to lead a safe life.

Jang Ki Yong has been fascinated by the role of a veterinarian and an assassin since he was given this particular role, as it brings out the duality in character. In an interview for this drama, he mentioned how challenging it is to play with such contrasting qualities. Therefore, he wants to refine his acting abilities to overcome these challenges and become a better actor.

2. Search: WWW

 | 5 Of Best Jang Ki Yong’s Roles You Must Watch

Bae Ta Mi (Im Soo Jung) is a successful businesswoman who works for a web portal company. She knows how to handle everyone around her and has no problems standing her ground at work. She meets Park Mo Gun (Jang Ki Yong), a man determined to love her, but she tries to show him that she doesn’t need him the same way his mother needs him. They have some major confrontations but gives into being with each other because of their undeniable attraction for each other.

Jang Ki Yong in “Search: WWW” delivered an amazing performance, playing the role of Park Mo Gun. His character was everything the viewers could have wished for and even more – they couldn’t get enough of Park Mo Gun’s sweetness combined with his unwavering desire to win over the woman he loved.

This sincere romance drama and its charismatic main actor left viewers and fans wanting more, and not just that, but Hallyu Star Jang Ki Yong delivered genuine acting that is beyond one’s expectations!

3. My Roommate Is a Gumiho

 | 5 Of Best Jang Ki Yong’s Roles You Must Watch

Shinwoo isn’t your regular hero of a story. To start off, he’s a history professor and a nine-hundred and nine-year-old gumiho who still looks very young and happens to be in love with Dam (Hyeri), whom he met while she was accidentally swallowing his fox bead, which unfortunately wasn’t meant for her. To get the bead back out before it kills her. To save her, they both tried to figure out the situation and decided to live together.

Jang Ki Yong’s latest work is his own pet project, which he rarely has time for on top of his busy schedule. Playing Shin Woo Yeo, Jang Ki-Yong feels he has shown sides of himself that many people would not have expected or predicted.

By allowing viewers to get attached to this loveable character with so many layers, Jang Ki Yong really did act like the glue that kept him together.

4. My Mister

 | 5 Of Best Jang Ki Yong’s Roles You Must Watch

“My Mister” stars Lee Sun Gyun as Park Dong Hoon and IU as Lee Ji An. When a middle-aged man in his forties called Park Dong Hoon goes through a lot of stress at work and in his attempts to be a great husband and a good father to his family, he puts in a lot of effort but, in the end, is overwhelmed with all that he has going on in his life. Then when he meets Lee Ji An, who has had to deal with traumatic experiences from her past, she forms an unlikely bond with him where they seem to understand each other deeply despite their different situations.

In the midst of managing her life and figuring out how to support her family, Ji An ends up making an enemy by Lee Kwang II (Jang Ki Yong). The two have a deep-rooted history, and Kwang II makes sure that Ji An pays for what she did to him and his family.

We were really impressed to see Jang Ki Yong take on the role of a villain because we honestly didn’t expect him to excel at it, but boy was he able to convey all of Kwang II’s pain and ruthlessness. His performance in this project was one of his best ever, and we’re definitely looking forward to seeing more of him!

5. Bad Guys: Reign Of Chaos

 | 5 Of Best Jang Ki Yong’s Roles You Must Watch

Bad Guys is originally an OCN drama that stars Kim Sang Joon. This movie is a spin-off of it, where Kim Sang Joong plays a police officer who works within an elite branch of the force which lacks the manpower to catch criminals, so they decide to recruit them instead!

This movie was Jang Ki Yong’s first role that many men love to play – an action hero because he’s got what it takes for this kind of role. Despite his looks that are boyish and sweet. You will totally love him in this role, not because he has soft features and is my type but because you like your bad boys strong and brooding.

They also do some exceptional fighting so girls watching this movie will not be disappointed by their eyes meeting off-screen with the hot actor who plays the leading role. But, of course, they already know him from having played different roles besides detectives before!

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 | 5 Of Best Jang Ki Yong’s Roles You Must Watch
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 | 5 Of Best Jang Ki Yong’s Roles You Must Watch