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17 Quotes To Read from Romance is a Bonus Book

17 Quotes To Read from Romance is a Bonus Book THE DRAMA PARADISE

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THE DRAMA PARADISE | 17 Quotes To Read from Romance is a Bonus Book

The drama follows Dan Yi, a copywriter, as she tries to find a job. Eun Ho is the chief editor of a publishing company. The two become involved in each other’s life and a love story begins.

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We were really blown away by the script for the drama. It was so well done that we were able to pick out some of the memorable quotes. We also fell in love with the story.

Here are some quotes from the drama “Romance is a Bonus Book”.

Two people who have spent a long time together do not need words to express their feelings.

One thing all those tears have taught me is the fact that crying doesn’t solve anything.

I didn’t want to be an idiot who can’t see what the other person needs, blinded by my emotions.

A book that inspires others may not always inspire you, so find a book that does.

Forget about yesterday and live for today. Every day, only think about your future.

We are like books. We wait for someone to find us and open us to see what’s inside.

If you reread a book you read when you were ten, it feels completely different because we have changed.

A fair part of this unfair world is everyone lives once. What kind of life it will depend on you.

Telling someone how you feel is as hard as translating ancient documents.

When you kiss someone, everything becomes quiet and a second feels forever.

Each one of us is a star traveling across the universe. Stars that got lost and ended up here after wandering the vast universe.

Learning emotions like happiness and pain isn’t easy.

Some secrets can’t be unheard and you wish to go back to when you didn’t know.

Some undesirable times are meant to be forged. They sometimes become a key to a secret.

Lending a shoulder to cry is more comforting than telling someone not to cry.

Having a feeling for someone means giving away a bit of your heart.

Passion spreads like the warmth of a fire spreads. It becomes comfort, hope, and happiness.


Here are some great quotes from the drama Romance is a Bonus Book. I hope they help you out at some point in your life. Just don’t forget to read them every day!

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THE DRAMA PARADISE | 17 Quotes To Read from Romance is a Bonus Book
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THE DRAMA PARADISE | 17 Quotes To Read from Romance is a Bonus Book