20 Quotes From “Big Mouth”

Here’s a collection of quotes from the series, Big Mouth (2022):

 | 20 Quotes From
Big Mouth

On crimes and social issues

 | 20 Quotes From
Big Mouth

“I felt a wall around Big Mouse. A wall that I don’t think I can ever break through.” – Park Chang Ho

“There are all sorts of pieces of garbage. Do you know who’s the worst of them? Traitors.” – Park Chang Ho

“Most of the people can’t tell apart good versus evil. They’re not interested in social matters at all. Why not? Because they’re too busy trying to make a living.” – Park Chang Ho

“Does not having money or connections mean I have to lose my lawsuits? Why is that my problem? Law and society are what’s messed up.” – Park Chang Ho

“A righteous lawyer who fights against Goliath. It would look good in my opinion.” – Mayor Choi Doha

“What an interesting situation. One side needs to kill him to live but the other side can’t kill him because of money.” – Warden Officer Park

“If we kill them, they become corpses. If we let them live, they’ll be under our knees.” – Mayor Choi Doha

“They think they’re predators as they run at me. But I’m going to chew them up and kill them.” – Park Chang Ho

On life and humanity

 | 20 Quotes From
Big Mouth

“There is a pivotal moment in everyone’s lives. A moment that changes their life. A moment they want to go back to before they die.” – Park Chang Ho

“The choice is yours. Will you live your life running away or will you fight and get a new life?” – Miho

“I won’t be dragged around anymore. I have to put an end to it.” – Park Chang Ho

“What looks happy from a distance may be tragic up close.” – Park Chang Ho

“Miho went to see a fortune-teller once and he said I don’t have much luck but I’ll live a long life. But when I woke up, I was completely different person. The most despicable louse in the world.” – Park Chang Ho

“You better not dream of killing yourself. If you try to commit suicide and fail, you’ll suffer with a disability for the rest of your life.” – Prison Room leader

“A famous American artist once said, ‘First, become famous. Then people will applaud even when you poop.’” – Mayor Choi Doha

“There are a lot of people with terrible lives. What can you do? It’s not like you were born because you wanted to be. You must live as you were meant to be.” – Prison Room leader

“Those who can live should live.” – Park Chang Ho

But he’s not Big Mouse.” – Miho
“How are you so sure?” – Law officer
“Because he’s my husband. Because I know him better than anyone.” – Miho

“Do you know Tom and Jerry? My nickname is Jerry. I’m a huge fan of Big Mouse, so I went with a different mouse.” – Jerry

“I may die.” – Park Chang Ho
“Then, I’ll die, too. We can live together in the afterlife.” – Miho

Genre: Noir, Legal, Crime
Synopsis: It tells the story of an underperforming lawyer who gets caught up in a murder case. In order to survive and protect his family, he digs into a huge conspiracy among the privileged upper classes.
No of episodes: 16
Starring: Lee Jong-suk, Im Yoo-nah
Written by: Kim Ha-ram
Directed by: Oh Chung-hwan
Network: MBC, Disney+
Date: July 29, 2022


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 | 20 Quotes From "Big Mouth"
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 | 20 Quotes From "Big Mouth"