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5 Must Watch K-Dramas Starring Park Hyung Sik

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 5 Must Watch K-Dramas Starring Park Hyung Sik

It’s been 10 years since Park Hyung Sik debuted in the 2011 theatrical production Temptation of Wolves, cast as a musical actor. He eventually made it to the small screen in 2016 with tvN’s “Hwarang” and has since proven himself very popular indeed!

“Happiness,” which aired late last year, was the nail-biting, suspenseful drama that stole the hearts of many for its stellar cast. The show enthralled audiences from beginning to end with its riveting plot twists and moving scenes, featuring a diverse array of captivating actors and actresses and dialogue-driven storylines.

He shows no signs of stopping. Already slated to star alongside Han So Hee in the upcoming drama “Soundtrack #1. As we eagerly await Park Hyung Sik’s return to our screens, here are five of his best works in terms of viewership ratings.

1. “Suits”

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 5 Must Watch K-Dramas Starring Park Hyung Sik

“Suits,” a Korean remake of an American legal drama, truly has everything. It has top-notch lawyers, clever partners, gorgeous people and institutions, and one adorable cat… Just kidding! Park Hyung Sik plays genius rookie lawyer Go Yeon Woo, who lands a job at the prestigious Kang & Ham law firm in South Korea. His boss, Choi Kang Seok (Jang Dong-Gun), is the perfect example of how a great lawyer should be. Despite his low academic background, he goes from strength to strength in managing to pull off many tricky real estate deals that amaze even his own supposed superiors at the firm.

Entertaining and hilarious, “Suits” is an excellent watch not just for the chemistry between characters but also because of instances close to the heart – like one scene that portrays the heartwarming friendship and trust between Go Yeon Woo (Park) and Lawyer Choi Kang Seok (Choi) where they both risk everything to save their boss despite having no idea what’s waiting for them on the other side of a locked door!

2. “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 5 Must Watch K-Dramas Starring Park Hyung Sik

Meet Ahn Min Hyuk, cheeky and the son of a wealthy chaebol family. He employs the tenacious Do Bong Soon as his personal bodyguard after learning of her superhuman strength—one that comes in handy when she’s assigned to protect him from danger! So, of course, you can’t talk about Park Hyung Sik’s filmography without mentioning “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.”

The central plot of “Bong Soon, the Girl with a Superpower” revolves around Bong Soon and her search for a serial killer in her neighbourhood, which leads them to many unfortunate circumstances. While initially uncertain about one another and often prone to petty quarrels, Bong Soon slowly sees through Min Hyuk’s exterior as he teaches her how to control her powers and use them for good, eventually turning into a heart-warming romance.

3. “Heirs”

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 5 Must Watch K-Dramas Starring Park Hyung Sik

Writer Kim Eun Sook’s popular television series Heirs remains one of South Korea’s most internationally successful romantic dramas. With a large cast of characters—including Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, Krystal, and many more!—the series has spawned iconic lines and quotes in the K-TV industry, not to mention several memorable memes that keep fans entertained even when they aren’t watching the actual show!

Playful as a puppy, Park Hyung Sik’s character in “The Heirs” does things his own way. Despite being very close with Kim Woo Bin’s Choi Young Do and Krystal’s Lee Bo Na, he always does what he feels is best for the happiness of all three individuals involved. So instead of getting affected by making a decision on who he thinks is fit for one of the two unique people that make up this love triangle instead, he just sits it out and chooses not to interfere.

4. “High Society”

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 5 Must Watch K-Dramas Starring Park Hyung Sik

Park Hyung Sik plays yet another chaebol in High Society, an exciting and intriguing drama full of romance and intriguing storylines that managed to keep many viewers coming back each week. His character Yoo Chang Soo is handsome, charming, wealthy and a great catch by any standards. He falls for the ordinary but beautiful Lee Ji Yi, who overlooks his status and wealth. He cares for the woman he loves without considering her appearance, which marks him as a heroic and lovable character.

Despite her initial refusal to date him, Lee Ji Yi is eventually moved by Yoo Chang Soo’s persistence. Despite their roles as the secondary couple of “High Society,” their adorably sweet courtship and undeniable chemistry won over the hearts and support of fans as they navigated hurdles in their relationship.

5. “Happiness”

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 5 Must Watch K-Dramas Starring Park Hyung Sik

Last but certainly not least, Park Hyung Sik has returned to the small screen in late 2021 as the sharp and witty police detective Jung Yi Hyun in tvN’s “Happiness.” The apocalyptic zombie thriller has proven to be a massive hit, ultimately ending its 12-episode order with its highest ratings yet last December.

Trapped in an apartment complex as the world is being swept by a deadly virus causing ordinary humans to develop a taste for blood, the duo fight to protect their neighbours from both the infected and one another. “Happiness” balances the romantic, thrilling, and comedic all at once, making it truly one of the best K-drama offerings of 2021!

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THE DRAMA PARADISE | 5 Must Watch K-Dramas Starring Park Hyung Sik
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THE DRAMA PARADISE | 5 Must Watch K-Dramas Starring Park Hyung Sik