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Review: Our Beloved Summer

THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: Our Beloved Summer

Our Beloved Summer is simply one of the best romantic melodrama released in 2021. In the first 3 episodes, I thought this drama was a little boring because of the documentary scenes, and everything looked so dull. But after that, I think from the 4th episode onwards it slowly getting more and more enjoyable. I found something particularly new from this drama: the beautiful character voice narration with an incredible storyline that happens almost in all episodes.

THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: Our Beloved Summer

An episode before ended with something curious or exciting. After that, the starting of the next episode will be with a voice narration of a character, every time all the 4 main character has something to say. And it was so beautiful and refreshing to hear and understand their part of the story in the drama. For me personally, I like the second part of ung’s character. His life and everything he went through was really touching to watch. Not often you can see that in a kdrama, the development of that character’s relationship with his mother, his friend and their parents everything was so heartwarming and exciting.

After that, definitely Kim da mi’s side of the story. Her mature decision-making, powerful behaviour, and handling of the situation were some of the highlights of the drama and hidden emotions. But, of course, you cannot miss our main hero ung. Brilliantly narrated everything about him. Also, the second lead NJ. Unfortunately, she has a small screen space, even though she also has so much reality to say.

THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: Our Beloved Summer

Our beloved summer is simply a must-watch kdrama. It’s not just a romantic drama. It has many things to discuss with you. The development of characters’ relationships, mature romance, and beautiful intense moments that capture make this a different drama. You must try this for sure. Don’t stop after the first few episodes because so many things are waiting for you after that. Enjoy watching…

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THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: Our Beloved Summer
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THE DRAMA PARADISE | Review: Our Beloved Summer