ASTRO’S Cha Eun Woo In Talks For New Drama By Director Lee Byung Hun

Cha Eun Woo is reportedly to star in a webtoon-based drama! It was recently revealed that ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo will be starring in a new tvN drama, “Dak Gangjeong” (romanized title) and fans are curious about what this title refers to.

Cha Eun Woo’s representative commented that “Director Lee Byung Hun’s ‘Dak Gang Jeong’ is just a project that was offered to Cha Eun Woo. It hasn’t been decided if he will take the role or not. The agency has no other info to share at this stage.”

The newly announced drama is director Lee Byung Hun’s who has also directed and written webtoon-based shows, following “Melo is My Nature” (“Be Melodramatic) and “Extreme Job.” It will be airing 12 episodes for the first season with no news of additional seasons so far.

 | ASTRO'S Cha Eun Woo In Talks For New Drama By Director Lee Byung Hun

Actor and Singer Cha Eun Woo compete for “Best New Actor” at this year’s SBS Drama Awards. He rose to fame in the Korean entertainment industry back in 2015. He receives a lot of love for his amazing vocals, commendable acting skills, and perfectly sculpted visuals.

The 24 years old singer, actor and model has time and again proven himself to be a talented actor over the course of his career. His notable roles include starring in many famous K-dramas like ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty’ and ‘True Beauty’, which greatly impacted audiences with his realistic portrayals of the characters he played on screen.

He is undoubtedly loved by many fans who continue to speak fondly of him over the years. To show their continued support, fans are most eager to see Cha Eun Woo sign onto another incredible drama so they may enjoy watching him onscreen once more.

We’re all excited for ‘Sweet and Sour Chicken’! What about you? Let us know in the comments below.

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