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10 Best Korean Dramas Based On Webtoon

Webtoons are a great way for artists to share their stories with the world and find a new audience. So it wasn’t long before fan excitement spread through the internet as the idea of an animated series based on a webtoon was already gaining a lot of popularity.

Many are so excited that they’re spreading the word on their social networks about seeing their favourite characters come to life in K-drama form.

1. Itaewon Class (2020)

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Dramas Based On Webtoon

K-drama fans have already heard about Itaewon Class, starring Park Seo‑Joon, appearing in many popular dramas. Before he took on his current role, the webtoon version created by Kwang Jin, which first hit the internet.

Fans must have seen many similarities between scenes that appear in both versions of the series, wherein they must have fun recognizing this fact!

2. True Beauty (2020)

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Dramas Based On Webtoon

True Beauty is a well-known South Korean television series that is streaming on several streaming websites. The drama focuses on a young girl who gets always made fun of for her appearance. Still, when she had the opportunity to transfer to another school for high school, she decided to get a makeover (using makeup) to give herself a new look.

Confident with her newfound beauty, she dazzled students at her new school while also falling into love with a handsome boy in the school, who had also felt for her during their time in junior high school.

3. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Dramas Based On Webtoon

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? is a K-drama that is a must-watch for fans of numerous romance dramas, as the show is highly talked about in the same circles. Based off of the webtoon created by Kim Myeong-Mi, the K-drama follows an almost identical story to its webtoon.

It tells the story of a cold and handsome executive who seems to be set on losing his trust in his dedicated secretary. But, when he hears that she’s leaving her job, he comes to realize just how much he needs her in his life.

He finds himself in love with her but then eventually realises that they’ve actually been in love for many years and simply didn’t realize it until now!

4. The Uncanny Counter

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Dramas Based On Webtoon

Netflix’s The Uncanny Counter is based on Amazing Rumor, written by Jang Yi and instantly became an extremely popular webtoon. The story centres around a disabled teenager who gets an opportunity to join counters.

The Counters are a special group of individuals with supernatural powers who help fight evil spirits that escape the afterlife.

5. Extraordinary You

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Dramas Based On Webtoon

Extraordinary You is a K-drama released in 2019, which has been changed from its original webtoon titled July Found By Chance, published in 2018. Both have interesting twists to their storylines featuring teen characters who get swept up unexpectedly in relationships (love triangles and love squares).

The main character discovers that their life is a fantasy world in a comic book. The comic book writer gives her a mediocre fate of getting engaged to someone who hates her, and she is expected to die soon. In a turn of events, she writes her own story about what could be if she didn’t settle for mediocre, and it all comes at a cost – yet an exciting one!

6. Strangers From Hell

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Dramas Based On Webtoon

If you’re bored of K-dramas as they always seem to eventually come around the same plot with just a different set of characters, then Hell is Other People would be the next webtoon you should read! Although it has been translated into several languages, it was also first illustrated and written by Kim Yong-Ki – whom many know for creating other famous works such as Strangers from Hell.

Ah, apartment life. You know all too well the HOPE that comes from getting your own space after being cramped up in a tiny dorm room. But between poor maintenance, unbearable neighbours, and noisy areas, you might find yourself longingly looking back to those carefree days at college. It is exactly the same as shown in this drama.

7. Memorist

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Dramas Based On Webtoon

The popular webcomic, Memorist by top Korean artist Jae Hoo, the drama that began airing in 2020, took over our televisions and imaginations. The crime/mystery/romance drama follows the main character Dong Baek (Yoo Seung-Ho) as he solves crimes with his unique ability to read people’s memories. His ability becomes instrumental in catching criminals, as well as discovering clues about his own lost memory.

There’s no point having a drama without any trouble happening. But we understand that it sometimes has to be done. So after a string of gruesome murders occurs, Dong Baek teams up with someone who used to be the best in the business – an expert criminal profiler.

As they investigate, one can only imagine how many personal demons will come out of their closets, and not just in terms of the cases they’re trying to solve but also in terms of each other’s troubled pasts.

8. Backstreet Rookie

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Dramas Based On Webtoon

Backstreet Rookie is a fun, romantic comedy that will have you crying and laughing simultaneously. The dramedy is based on a webtoon from 2016 and 2017 called Convenience Store Saet-byul, written by Hwalhwasan.

 The show first debuted in 2020 after it became a huge success on TV and online, luring audiences with its funny and realistic story about convenience store clerks falling in love. The drama centres around Dae-Hyun (Ji Chang-Wook), Lotte Mart for 14 years, and Saet-byul (Kim Jung Eun).

9. My ID is Gangnam Beauty

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Dramas Based On Webtoon

My ID is Gangnam Beauty brings together drama and fun. It’s easy to get hooked on because it has everything from romance to battling insecurities. This Webtoon is written by Gi Meng-Gi, who knows how to bring out the best in her work while still keeping it real and relatable. The story revolves around a college student who makes a life-changing decision.

This interesting Korean drama is in which a girl undergoes surgery not to start over as someone else but rather to discover herself again after she has changed her outer appearance. The show explores issues of body image, social acceptance and self-esteem. A great watch with a very intriguing plotline!

10. Love Alarm

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Dramas Based On Webtoon

The highly acclaimed and talked about K-drama Love Alarm has been adapted from a webtoon [short term for web comic] by Chun Gye-Young. Adapted into various languages up to this point, the young love story gives depth to its characters and just enough conflict to keep fans hooked.

With Netflix as its main platform up to this point, it is quickly becoming a global phenomenon among today’s youth – moving away from their screens as they follow and root for Ha Neul and Bong Sun in their epic romance together.


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THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Dramas Based On Webtoon
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THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best Korean Dramas Based On Webtoon