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Discover What True Love Is in ‘Be Mine The Series’ an Upcoming GL Series

Discover What True Love Is in ‘Be Mine The Series’ an Upcoming GL Series THE DRAMA PARADISE

‘Be Mine The Series’ is an exciting upcoming Thai GL (Girls’ Love) series based on the popular novels by Khun Phuying. This highly anticipated series brings to life the enchanting stories of “More & More, Be My Sugar!, Be My Boo!, and Be My Baby!” Filled with romance, drama, and heartfelt moments, ‘Be Mine The Series’ promises to captivate audiences.

The series features a talented cast of up-and-coming actors, including Poppy Palita, Puyfai Thanaporn, Mew Thanthip, Ningning Marika, Ormsin Supitcha, Folk Sutima, Fahsai Minyada, and Fern Jeerawan. These talented performers bring their characters to life, adding depth and authenticity to the story.

Fans got a special treat with the screening of the prequel, ‘PROLOGUE,’ at Major Cineplex Ratchayothin in Thailand on April 30th. Now, viewers can also enjoy the prequel by streaming it on YouTube.

4 Couples 4 Stories

Be Mine: More & More

Be Mine The Series- The Drama Paradise
‘Be Mine The Series’ – The Drama Paradise

In ‘Be Mine: More & More!’, Tawan receives unexpected news from her dad that she will be sharing her place with her friend’s daughter. To her delight and surprise, her new roommate turns out to be Minnie, a young lady she has had a crush on since high school. As they spend time together, Tawan discovers that Winnie is experiencing a deep sense of loneliness.

Determined to support Winnie, Tawan makes a heartfelt promise to be by her side whenever she needs her. As their bond strengthens, Tawan finds herself falling even more in love with Winnie. However, complications arise when Tawan learns that Winnie is engaged.

Caught in a whirlwind of emotions, Tawan faces the challenge of confessing her feelings to Winnie while also grappling with the knowledge of her impending marriage. Will Tawan find the courage to express her love for Winnie? And how will their relationship unfold when the truth about Winnie’s engagement comes to light?

‘Be Mine: More & More!’ explores the complexities of love, friendship, and the journey of self-discovery. Join Tawan and Winnie as they navigate the challenges of their feelings and uncover the path to their true happiness.

Be Mine: Be My Baby!

Be Mine The Series- The Drama Paradise
‘Be Mine The Series’ – The Drama Paradise

In ‘Be Mine: Be My Baby!’, Jaojay, a 22-year-old, embarks on an internship at a prestigious company under the guidance of Sitang, a well-known and formidable businesswoman. Behind Sitang’s tough exterior, there is a hidden softness and vulnerability.

Motivated by her feelings, Jaojay musters the courage to confess her love to Sitang, hoping to bring healing to the wounds of Sitang’s past. As their relationship develops, they face numerous obstacles and challenges that test the strength of their love.

Will Jaojay and Sitang’s love be able to withstand the trials that come their way? Can they overcome Sitang’s past traumas and build a future together? ‘Be Mine: Be My Baby!’ delves into the complexities of love and the power of healing, as Jaojay and Sitang navigate their emotions and strive to create a lasting bond.

Be Mine: Be My Sugar!

Be Mine The Series- The Drama Paradise
‘Be Mine The Series’ – The Drama Paradise

In ‘Be Mine: Be My Sugar!’, Pipim, a university professor, and her father find themselves facing accusations of embezzlement, which ultimately leads to their family’s financial downfall. In this difficult time, Pipim turns to her best friend, Sitang, for support and assistance.

Through Sitang’s help, Pipim crosses paths with Peeraya, who proposes an unconventional arrangement—they become temporary girlfriends. Initially, their relationship is based on convenience and necessity, but as they spend more time together, a deeper connection starts to form.

As Pipim and Peeraya navigate the complexities of their temporary relationship, they begin to question whether their arrangement could evolve into something more genuine and lasting. Will their “temporary” status eventually transform into a real and meaningful romance?

Be Mine: Be My Boo!

Be Mine The Series- The Drama Paradise
‘Be Mine The Series’ – The Drama Paradise

In ‘Be Mine: Be My Boo!’, Papie, the younger sister of Pim, makes a difficult decision to break up with her girlfriend, Jaokha, due to the challenges her family faced. However, as time goes by, Papie realizes that she is still deeply in love with Jaokha and deeply regrets her decision.

Determined to win Jaokha back, Papie embarks on a journey to chase her ex-girlfriend and reignite the flame of their relationship. However, she soon discovers that winning Jaokha’s heart again won’t be as easy as she initially thought.

Facing obstacles and emotional challenges, Papie must confront her own insecurities and past mistakes as she strives to repair the bond between her and Jaokha. Will Papie’s efforts be enough to convince Jaokha to give their love a second chance?

Profile information of the series

The social media accounts of the series have released profile information about the main leads, creating more excitement among fans.

The released images introduce the actors who will be paired as couples in the series. Puyfai and Poppy, Ningning and Mew, Fern and Fahsai, and Ormsin and Folk are the revealed pairings, each bringing their own unique chemistry to the story. The audience eagerly awaits to see the dynamics and development of these relationships.

Be Mine The Series- The Drama Paradise
‘Be Mine The Series’ – The Drama Paradise
Be Mine The Series- The Drama Paradise
‘Be Mine The Series’ – The Drama Paradise
Be Mine The Series- The Drama Paradise
‘Be Mine The Series’ – The Drama Paradise
Be Mine The Series- The Drama Paradise
‘Be Mine The Series’ – The Drama Paradise

However, one character, Namhom, has yet to be paired, leaving fans curious about the role she will play in the series. The mystery surrounding Namhom’s character adds an element of anticipation and intrigue.

Be Mine The Series- The Drama Paradise
‘Be Mine The Series’ – The Drama Paradise

With the release of this teaser information, ‘Be Mine The Series’ continues to build anticipation for its premiere, promising an engaging and captivating Thai GL with a talented cast and promising storylines.

Release Date

‘Be Mine The Series’ is scheduled to be released later this year, much to the excitement of fans. The exact release date has yet to be announced, but anticipation is building for this upcoming Thai GL. With its talented cast, intriguing storylines, and promising teasers, ‘Be Mine The Series’ is set to captivate audiences and deliver an enjoyable viewing experience. Fans eagerly await the premiere and look forward to being immersed in the world of this highly anticipated series.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best GL drama?

Here are a few highly regarded GL dramas that have gained popularity and critical acclaim:

  1. “The L Word” (2004-2009): This American TV series follows a diverse group of friends, including several lesbian characters, living in West Hollywood. It explores various themes such as love, friendship, and identity, and has been praised for its representation of the lesbian community.
  2. “Lip Service” (2010-2012): Set in Glasgow, Scotland, “Lip Service” revolves around a group of friends, including several lesbian characters, as they navigate relationships, careers, and personal challenges. It has been praised for its realistic portrayal of lesbian relationships and character development.
  3. “I Can’t Think Straight” (2008): This British romantic drama tells the story of a Jordanian Muslim woman and a British Indian woman who fall in love despite the societal and cultural pressures around them. It explores themes of sexuality, family expectations, and love.
  4. “Sakura Trick” (2014): An anime series, “Sakura Trick” follows the relationship between two high school girls, Haruka and Yuu, who share their first kiss and decide to keep their romance a secret. It is known for its lighthearted and cute portrayal of young love.
  5. “The Half of It” (2020): Although not exclusively a GL drama, this Netflix film explores a complex relationship between a Chinese-American teenager, Ellie Chu, and the girl she helps write love letters for, Aster Flores. It delves into themes of identity, friendship, and unrequited love.

Remember, these are just a few examples, and there are many more GL dramas available across various media. The “best” GL drama ultimately depends on your personal preferences and the themes and storytelling style that resonate with you.

Where can I watch Korean GL dramas?

There are several platforms where you can watch Korean GL dramas with English subtitles. Here are a few popular options:

  1. Viki: Viki is a streaming platform that offers a wide range of Korean dramas, including GL dramas. They provide licensed content with English subtitles, and you can find a variety of shows to choose from.
  2. Netflix: Netflix is a popular streaming service that has a growing collection of Korean dramas, including GL dramas. They often acquire the rights to popular Korean series and make them available to a global audience.
  3. Kocowa: Kocowa is a streaming service specifically dedicated to Korean content. While they primarily focus on variety shows and K-pop, they also offer a selection of Korean dramas, including GL dramas.
  4. Viu: Viu is another streaming platform that offers a diverse range of Korean dramas, including GL dramas. They provide subtitles in multiple languages, including English, and have a user-friendly interface.
  5. YouTube: Some Korean GL dramas may be available on official channels or licensed streaming channels on YouTube. You can search for specific titles or explore channels that specialize in Korean dramas.

Please note that the availability of specific GL dramas may vary depending on licensing agreements and geographical regions. It’s always a good idea to check the platforms mentioned above for the latest updates and availability of Korean GL dramas.

What does GL stand for in K dramas?

In the context of Korean dramas, GL stands for “Girls’ Love.” It refers to the genre that focuses on romantic relationships and love stories between women. GL dramas depict the emotional connections, challenges, and journeys of female characters who are attracted to and develop romantic relationships with other women. The term GL is often used to categorize and identify dramas that explore lesbian or same-sex relationships in Korean television and film.

Which country is famous for GL?

Japan is often considered one of the countries famous for producing a significant amount of Girls’ Love (GL) content. Japanese media, including manga, anime, and live-action dramas, have a long history of featuring GL themes and stories. The genre has gained popularity both domestically in Japan and internationally, with a dedicated fan base appreciating the nuanced portrayals of female same-sex relationships.

However, it’s worth noting that GL content is not exclusive to Japan, and other countries, such as South Korea and Taiwan, have also produced notable GL dramas and media. The popularity and recognition of GL may vary across different regions and cultures.

What was the first LGBT series Thailand?

The first LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) series in Thailand is “Hormones” (Thai: วัยว้าวุ่น), which premiered in 2013. While “Hormones” features a diverse cast of characters and explores various teenage experiences, it includes storylines involving same-sex relationships and the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals. The series gained significant popularity for its honest portrayal of youth, relationships, and societal issues, making it a notable milestone in Thai LGBT representation on television.

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