Lee Jong Suk, YoonA, Kwak Dong Yeon, And Others Attend The ‘Big Mouse’ Script Reading.

The upcoming release of ‘Big Mouse,’ starring Lee Jong Suk, YoonA, Kwak Dong Yeon, Ok Ja Yeon, Kim Ju Hun, and Yang Kyung Won, has everyone’s attention. Furthermore, following the completion of ‘Doctor Lawyer’ in July 2022, MBC has revealed images of the cast attending the script reading for the upcoming drama.

Disney+ has also confirmed “Big Mouse” as one of its annual releases, allowing worldwide fans to watch the show.

The film ‘Big Mouse’ depicts the narrative of a struggling attorney who becomes embroiled in a murder case. His lack of success prevents him from paying his monthly rent, as he continues to encounter difficulties. Finally, he begins to uncover a conspiracy involving some of the country’s most prominent and wealthy families for his family’s safety.

Interestingly, ‘Big Mouse’ will premiere on MBC instead of tvN, where it was initially planned to air. However, with the success of its past shows ‘The Veil,’ ‘The Red Sleeve,’ and ‘Tracer,’ the broadcasting station said it would be exploring a prospective Friday-Saturday schedule that it recently developed.

Lee Jong Suk returns to television with this drama after finishing his necessary military service. In 2019, following the publication of “Romance Is a Bonus Book” opposite Lee Na Young, she will make her comeback after a three-year absence.

Are you anticipating the release of “Big Mouse”?

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