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3 Upcoming Korean BL Dramas – Part 1

3 Upcoming Korean BL Dramas - Part 1 THE DRAMA PARADISE

I think this time, we’ve hit the big time.

It’s a little slower than usual since there’s only one KBL release in June, but we now know more about BL projects that will finally be released.

1. To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories

3 Upcoming Korean BL Dramas - Part 1 THE DRAMA PARADISE

The second season of Hwang Daseul’s To My Star finally came out after more than a year of waiting and advertising (2021). This season seems to be full of angst. Son Woohyun and Kim Kangmin will be back as lovers in the sequel, currently airing on Viki and GagaOOLala. To My Star 2 has 12 episodes, and each one lasts about 25 minutes.


It looks like the story takes place a year after the first season. And Kang Seojoon, who is played by Son Woohyun, doesn’t seem to have stopped getting into trouble all the time. His love for Han Jiwoo (played by Kim Kangmin) hasn’t stood the test of time yet, and things look like they’re falling apart when one of them disappears and leaves a note.

2. A Happy Ending Outside the Fence

3 Upcoming Korean BL Dramas - Part 1 THE DRAMA PARADISE

We really hit the jackpot with this one. VIXX, an older K-pop boy band from the third generation, is still in my top five. So you can imagine how happy I am to hear that Leo, the main vocalist for VIXX, will be in a KBL project. You might remember him from a photo he posted with EXO’s Xiumin that recently caused trouble. Homophobic Internet users may have found a reason to hate even more, but many of us found a new ship in these two.

The only thing we know about the show so far is what it’s about from the one-line summary that’s floating around the internet. This show is made by Moving Pictures and Dramatist Studio. Karam, who used to be in the K-pop band Dae Guk Nam Ah/The Boss, and Ha Jongwoo, who made his acting debut in 2021 with the movie Part-Time Mello, play roles opposite Leo.


Kim Junghyeon (Leo), a famous author with a secret, and Han Taeyoung (Ha Jongwoo), the CEO of a publishing company, are at the centre of the story.

3. Comport the Boy/Let Me Comfort the Boy

3 Upcoming Korean BL Dramas - Part 1 THE DRAMA PARADISE

When I heard that Dongmul’s A Shoulder to Cry On (Sonyeoneul Wirohaejwo in Korean) would be made a live-action movie, I may have been over the moon. Still, I couldn’t find the words to describe how excited I was when the cast was announced. This could be a good series.

Jaehan, the group’s oldest member and a former member of K-pop boy band SPECTRUM, and Yechan, the group’s maknae and a former member of 1THE9, will be in Let Me Comfort the Boy. The show will have 12 episodes and will be made by KT Alpha. It will come out in September 2022.


The story is about what happens when Lee Dayeol (played by Jaehan) and Cho Taehyun (played by Yechan) meet at the school nurse’s office, and Cho Taehyun accuses Dayeol of something he didn’t do. There were rumours all over school about this misunderstanding, which hurt Dayeol’s archery scholarship. But on the other hand, Taehyun seems unaffected and almost happy about how things are going, which irritates Dayeol. Find out what happens as their love-hate relationship and a secret from Taehyun’s past are brought to light.

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