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“Man Suang” Premieres to Release in August 24th in Theaters

“Man Suang” Premieres to Release in August 24th in Theaters THE DRAMA PARADISE

Man Suang – Historical Movie

Be On Cloud has recently unveiled the official poster for “Man Suang” along with its release date!

“Man Suang” is an upcoming historical BL movie, marking the first collaboration in a historical setting for Mile Phakphum and Apo Nattawin, who are widely recognized as #MileApo from the highly successful iQIYI Original series “Kinn Porsche The Series”. The film draws inspiration from historical events and features talented actors Tong Thanayut and Bas Asavapatr, with direction by Nat Chartchai.

Man Suang Premieres to Release in August 24th in Theaters
Image – Be On Cloud

The poster hints at the rich visuals and captivating atmosphere that audiences can expect from the movie.

The movie’s title is derived from a tavern known as “Man Suang,” which was an opium factory and a gathering place for aristocrats during the reign of King Rama III. It served as a hub for officials to negotiate and discuss various matters. The production describes it as a simulated paradise filled with drama and entertainment. Although no official synopsis has been released yet, fans can anticipate an intriguing storyline.

As the premiere date of August 24 draws near, fans and enthusiasts of historical BL movies are counting down the days to experience the captivating world of “Man Suang” on the big screen. The combination of historical events, alluring storytelling, and the undeniable chemistry of the talented cast is set to create a memorable and enchanting cinematic experience.

International fans are advised to stay tuned to this space for further updates on the movie.

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