“Be On Cloud” 2023 Lineup Projects

“Be On Cloud” 2023 Lineup Projects

Following the success of “KinnPorsche The Series”, there has been much pressure on Be On Cloud to produce other projects equally as good. While some fans demanded a continuation of the same project, others thought KinnPorsche was perfect and should remain untouched and unaltered forever in our memories.

One thing is for sure, Be On Cloud has remained tight-lipped about their 2023 project lineup, with no hints given whatsoever on what we can expect. But with a roster of A-list actors, we are sure they won’t disappoint.

Be on cloud recently held a press conference on January 18 to unveil a lineup project in the proper shape of a Be on cloud x Woody discussion show.

1. The Hidden Character

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Khun Pond Kritsada, executive of Be on Cloud, has opened the list of first projects with Be on Cloud’s First Reality Show and THC, or The Hidden Character.

The show will feature nine competitors, including three familiar stars and six fresh ones. The contestants will compete for a chance to star in a forthcoming original BOC series by completing various events, including a talent showcase in front of a national producer.

With a voting system, the audience will decide who should be matched with whom, and the winners will become BOC’s next stars. This show is scheduled to air in April 2023.

2. Wuju Bakery

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Then, with the second project, Wuju Bakery (우주빵집), a comedy series about an alien love tale starring two young individuals, Jeff Sater and Barcode Trinasit, and humans on the planet, takes place in a bakery.

The entire production will be shot in Korea, as well as the whole Korean team. The two will also collaborate on the original soundtrack for this series, which is a unique feature.

The series will begin production in the middle of the year and will be released in the second half of 2023. The only information provided regarding the series is that Jeff will play an alien who forms a relationship with a baker.

Jeff remarked in the interview that the role was quite tricky. Viewers already liken this show to the famous Korean serial “My Love from The Star”.

3. 4 Minutes

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The series 4 MINUTES, an original series of Be on cloud with Bible Wichapas Sumettikul and Build Jakapan Puttha, is the third project. Sammon is the author of some popular Boys Love novels and series.

When you think about Sammon, names like Manner of Death, Triage, and upcoming Euthanasia immediately come to mind.

The series illustrates a pre-existing relationship between two guys and the period they live but never think about. The series’ tone is sweet and bitter and will delve into their profound bond.

4. Man Suang

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Man Suang was first unveiled last year at a KinnPorsche concert. The reaction was optimistic since it meant that everyone’s favourite pair, Mile and Apo, would be back on our screens.

Yokee Apirak and Pond Krisda wrote the historical drama Man Suang. It is a BOC original film about the friendship of a traditional Thai dancer, a drummer, and a Prince.

Apo described that, even though the character requires him to study a lot, he is proud to perform it because his ambition has always been to share Thai culture.

The dances and other art exhibited in this film have been passed down for hundreds of years. Man Suang is scheduled to be released in August 2023.

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 | “Be On Cloud” 2023 Lineup Projects
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