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9 K-Drama Stars From ‘Alchemy Of Souls’ That You Can Follow On Instagram

9 K-Drama Stars From 'Alchemy Of Souls' That You Can Follow On Instagram THE DRAMA PARADISE

It’s painful but unavoidable: the best K-dramas must end. Our favorite fantasy series Alchemy Of Souls: Light And Shadows already been completed, and we’re sure you’re feeling the same way. On the weekend, you have nothing to look forward to.

It’s as if you want to spend the entire day staring into nothingness because you miss everyone in Daeho. We understand—difficult it’s to let go of Alchemy Of Souls, and we don’t know whether we’ll ever see another masterpiece like it.

BUT! The actors in the drama have formed tight bonds with one another, and it will be extended until we see a mini-reunion. So, how do we keep track of that? By following them on Instagram!

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Here are the Instagram accounts of the Alchemy Of Souls cast:

1. Lee Jae Wook as Jang Uk – @jxxvvxxk

Alchemy Of Souls

2. Jung Somin as Mudeok – @somin_jj

Alchemy Of Souls

3. Go Yoon Jung as Naksu – @goyounjung

Alchemy Of Souls

4. Hwang Minhyun as Seo Yul – @optimushwang

Alchemy Of Souls

5. Yoo In Soo as Park Dang Gu – @k.a_innsoo

Alchemy Of Souls

6. Arin as Jin Cho Yeon – @ye._.vely618

Alchemy Of Souls

7. Shin Seung Ho as Go Won – @seungho__shin

Alchemy Of Souls

8. Oh Nara as Kim Do Joo – @sabita_5

Alchemy Of Souls

9. Seo Hye Won as So Yi – @wisdom_1

Alchemy Of Souls

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