5 Best Upcoming Korean Movies of January 2023

Upcoming Korean Movies

The year 2023 has a lot in store for Hallyu enthusiasts. From long-awaited K-dramas to Jisoo’s solo debut, Korean entertainment has a lot planned for 2023. Aside from that, the Korean film industry has been preparing for major releases. Here are few Upcoming Korean Movies that will be released in January 2023 that may tickle your curiosity.

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1. Phantom

 | 5 Best Upcoming Korean Movies of January 2023

“Phantom” begins in 1933, when the Japanese ruled the Korean peninsula, with five Koreans imprisoned suspected of being “Phantom” – a spy of an anti-Japanese group in the Gyeongseong district. They are taken to a remote and secluded hotel for questioning. If the five people wish to be released from prison, they have two options: establish their innocence or report the phantom.

The Korean film is an action-packed espionage thriller with a suspenseful plot and a historical backdrop that provides insight into Korea’s imperial past. Here are some quotes from Lee Hae Young’s hand-picked cast about the characters.

The film is set to be released in theatres on January 18.

2. The Point Men

 | 5 Best Upcoming Korean Movies of January 2023

During an international crisis, a group of evangelists from a South Korean Presbyterian church arrives in Afghanistan, against government protocol, to bring the Afghan people into Christianity. They are kidnapped by the Afghani terrorist organisation Taliban, which then makes demands in exchange for the hostages.

To bring them back, the Korean government sends a NIS agent and a diplomat, Dae Sik (Hyun Bin) and Jae Ho (Hwang Jung Min), to deal with the crisis.

The Korean film is based on the true story of a group of South Korean Christian missionaries kidnapped in the Middle East in 2007.

Following the popularity of “Confidential Assignment 2: International,” Hyun Bin returns with another actioner. He will be accompanied this time by veteran actor Hwang Jung Min. Stills from the film depict Hyun Bin in a fierce, never-before-seen style.

 | 5 Best Upcoming Korean Movies of January 2023

The actor is depicted with a Wolverine beard and a craggy visage, which corresponds to his character Park Dae Shik. This NIS agent must overcome a painful history to complete the rescue mission.

Furthermore, Hyun Bin’s keen charm and action-hero swagger depicted in the teasers and advertisings are enough to draw his admirers to this thrill ride!

3. Jung_E

 | 5 Best Upcoming Korean Movies of January 2023

The year is the 22nd century, and the situation is dismal. Climate change has rendered the Earth inhospitable, and humankind have created an artificial refuge to ensure their existence. A conflict breaks out in the sanctuary amid the terrible surroundings. Those in authority attempt to clone an elite mercenary, Jung Yi, to win the war.

“Jung E,” directed by the director of “Train to Busan” and “Hellbound,” is a dystopian sci-fi film that will be released on January 20. The teasers and trailers show beautiful sights and jaw-dropping CGI.

“Jung E” will be available on Netflix for streaming.

4. Gangnam Zombie

 | 5 Best Upcoming Korean Movies of January 2023

Zombie movies are something Hallyu fans constantly look forward to from the Korean film industry.

When strange circumstances transform individuals in Gangnam into flesh-hungry zombies, Hyun Seok (Ji Il Joo) and Min Jung (Park Ji Yeon) are imprisoned inside a building where the terrible creatures roam free, must now band together and battle for survival.

The film was sold in 134 countries before its release and is one of the 16 films chosen for the Cannes Film Festival. The film is also said to have been a commercial success.

5. Switch

 | 5 Best Upcoming Korean Movies of January 2023

Park Gang (Kwon Sang Woo) is a well-known actor and infamous scandalizer. When he felt his life couldn’t get any better, things worsened. On Christmas morning, he awakens to find himself in a different life. He is not an actor but has a wife and two children.

He also discovers that his former manager, Jo Yoon (Oh Jung Se), is now the top actor in the industry.

“Switch” is a soul-swap comedy film released on January 4th.

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 | 5 Best Upcoming Korean Movies of January 2023
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 | 5 Best Upcoming Korean Movies of January 2023