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10 Historical Korean Dramas To Have On Your Watchlist

This stand out genre never fails to show scenic landscapes, beautiful palaces, vibrant costumes and, gripping love stories. Not only does it have the right ingredients to make a binge-worthy drama, but this genre also gives fans a glimpse into Korea’s culture and history.

If you’re looking for another Korean drama to binge this quarantine,  Check out 10 historical dramas below.

1. The Moon Embracing The Sun

10 Historical Korean Dramas To Have On Your Watchlist THE DRAMA PARADISE

If you’re trying to find an unforgettable romantic drama, then watch this. Lee Hwon falls crazy with Yeon Woo, who is chosen to be the Crown Princess at a young age. However, due to political schemes, a shaman put a curse on her. People think she is dead, but she resurrected with amnesia. Eight years later, she becomes a shaman, and therefore, the prince still cannot forget his -dead- true love. They ended up a meeting within the palace. The young King starts to research her death, and she starts to recollect her past.

This drama’s plot and acting are just perfect. Viewers are hook from the start to the top. The drama is with romance, fantasy, and comedy. You’ll get on a roller coaster of emotions and be dearly attached to the characters.

2. Hwarang

10 Historical Korean Dramas To Have On Your Watchlist THE DRAMA PARADISE

The Kingdom of Silla’s queen is hiding her son. She also creates a replacement elite name Hwarang – a group of young children. Her son (the future king) and a commoner have a secret. If you’re trying to find a cute and lightweight historical drama with handsome and funny male leads, better start this now.

It is easy to observe for all the general public. The plot is cute and fresh. Moreover, it’d be a pleasant initiative into Korean historical dramas for that unacquainted Korean history.

3. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

10 Historical Korean Dramas To Have On Your Watchlist THE DRAMA PARADISE

During an eclipse, Go HaJin is transported from modern to Goryeo times. She wakes up within the middle of the various royal princes. Her story then begins. She first falls crazy with the type 8th Prince but later changes to the 4th Prince. This prince is understood for being fearless, and he hides his face with a mak. Thus, she is trapped within the princes’ rivalry over the throne.

Lee JoonGi is one of the actors whose acting in historical dramas isn’t to miss. The opposite actors in supporting roles also are popular. The drama, while being eye-candy and is sort of complex in its addictive plot and various characters. It’s well balanced between cute and dark.

4. Six Flying Dragons

10 Historical Korean Dramas To Have On Your Watchlist THE DRAMA PARADISE

It covers the transition from Goryeo to Joseon. It tells the story around the foundation of the new dynasty and particularly young prince Lee BangWon. Viewers must find an epic and political drama about one of the foremost captivating periods of Korean history.

The drama has romance, but it’s minor. It’s over 50 episodes. Despite a solid cast and powerful plot, the drama won’t be for everybody. However, if you wish for a great historical and political plot, this is often recommended for you.

5. Rookie Historian Goo HaeRyung

10 Historical Korean Dramas To Have On Your Watchlist THE DRAMA PARADISE

The story is about within the 19th century where men and ladies aren’t seen as equal. So a lady will attempt to become a historian and check out to ‘change’ society. And it tells the romance between her and, therefore, the prince.

This historical drama is new because it highlights women’s social issues in Joseon (and still relatable to some extent within the modern time). The lead female character is robust, smart, and dependent, while the lead male character is cute and has many things to find out. They need tons of cute and wonderful romantic scenes.

6. The Tale of Nokdu

10 Historical Korean Dramas To Have On Your Watchlist THE DRAMA PARADISE

The show starts off fresh and cute with an example of hilarious cross-dressing hijinks. Still, it changes gears abruptly in its last half with an amped-up specialises in birth secrets and political machinations. Viewers will feel a fizzy rom-com that could be turned off by this. On the upside, Show manages to retain its emotional core and heartfelt tone through to the top, and it’s not too hard to remain engaged with our main characters, even within the heavier stretches. And as a bright side, the feel-good cute makes a comeback by Show’s end.

Jang Dong Yoon shines extra within the midst of a solid cast and is break-out fantastic in his role because of the titular Nokdu.

7. Mr. Queen

10 Historical Korean Dramas To Have On Your Watchlist THE DRAMA PARADISE

Due to an accident, a man’s soul from modern Korea entered Queen Kim SoYong’s body in the Joseon period. It tells the scandalous story of a soul that ran far away from its body. You will also see that the king has two faces. If you’re trying to find a hilarious historical drama with perfect acting.

This drama has received tons of affection thanks to its hilarious characters and story. Shin HyeSun, one among the foremost talented actresses, took on the role of a person from modern time who arrived within the body of the Queen in Joseon. She portrayed the character flawlessly, making viewers connect with the arrogant man pretending to be a lady. Apart from it, you’ll expect political fights and a not-so-easy to know the king.

8. Royal Secret Agent

10 Historical Korean Dramas To Have On Your Watchlist THE DRAMA PARADISE

It is the comic investigation story lately Joseon secret royal inspectors who are the key ears of the palace. They cheerfully support corruption and help victims of injustice, for those trying to find an easy-to-watch and funny historical drama with a touch of romance.

The most fun and wonderful trio (funniest bromance ever) are going for adventures across the country. This drama will put you in a good mood and cause you to laugh hard. But at an equivalent time, their investigations also are nerve-breaking and captivating. It’s the right ratio of comedy and action.

9. Bossam: Steal the Fate

10 Historical Korean Dramas To Have On Your Watchlist THE DRAMA PARADISE

The man who lives by kidnapping widows for remarriage is turned the wrong way up when he kidnapped a princess by mistake. Watch this if you’re trying to find an emotional romance about the women’s condition in Joseon with politics.

The background of this drama about widow and ladies in Joseon make it memorable. The general atmosphere is serious and emotional because the lead characters’ situations are far from happy. Complex love relationships, dangerous situations, and politics are keywords.

10. Gu Family Book

10 Historical Korean Dramas To Have On Your Watchlist THE DRAMA PARADISE

A half-man and half-gumiho love one ordinary woman, and he will try his best to measure sort of a human. Trying to find a mysterious and fantastical love story? Check this out.

The fantasy genre is intriguing, and there are many action scenes to enjoy. The romance is pure and can cause you to smile and cry. It’s also easy to observe for viewers who are not into historical dramas.

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