10 K-drama villains with the most unforgettable performances you’ll never forget

Sometimes all it takes is a villain for your favourite K-Drama to be interesting, dynamic and action-packed. These are some of the most memorable ones that kept viewers on their toes without spoiling the main leads’ happy endings.

With complex plotlines and unique conflict between characters, K-dramas are fascinating if not addicting to watch! However, out of many popular villains in K-dramas, I think these few stand out for various reasons.

1. Taecyeon (Vincenzo)

The head of the Babel Group, namely the CEO Jang Joon Woo, comes as a surprise. Taecyeon plays Jang Joon Woo, the conniving sociopathic villain that likes to see other people suffer.

People never think that a geeky intern would be hiding this villainous side of him at all! But he was the killer, laughed about it, and didn’t have any remorse for what he’d done – making him the epitome of evil.

2. Kim Ji Hoon (Flower Of Evil)

When the villain ends up being the last person you would imagine, Kim Ji Hoon as Baek Hee Sung. He’s known for playing characters that are often unlikeable with their coldness, flatness, and lack of emotion.

Adding to that, he even asks his parents for emotional support when there are issues at work or in his personal life, which is very disturbing. Just thinking about the scene where Baek Hee Sung shows up in Cha Ji Won’s home to kill him is enough to give anyone nightmares.

3. Uhm Ki Joon (The Penthouse)

In Penthouse, Uhm Ki Joon (Joo Dan Tae) is quite possibly the most unsettling K-drama villain of this year. He’s mean, cruel, emotionally and physically abused his family, doesn’t care if people are hurt by him or what happens to them, only thinks of himself and is willing (and delighted) to kill someone who insulted him.

People like this are all over the place. They’re ruthless, don’t know love, and find joy in having power over everyone, Sad! (Note: I’m just talking about the character).

4. Yoo Jae Myung (Itaewon Class)

Jang Dae Hee (Yoo Jae Myung) is the evil villain. The Birth of an Elite Family, As the CEO and owner of Jangga, he wants nothing more than to crush the dreams of Park Sae Roy at all costs.

Throughout the series, Jang Dae Hee riled up so much anger at his character for being really nasty, which implies how great an actor he is. While his character is so bad, you root for Sae Roy’s team to put an end to his oppressive regime.

5. Kim Seo Hyung (SKY Castle)

It’s not just the parents but also the kids who want to learn from Kim Joo Young because she’s got a lot of charisma and really cares about her students. She isn’t your typical villain. She is, in fact, a mother and teaches everything so effectively and with such passion!

She has had a lot of trauma and tragedy in life. She manipulates her students to believe that they are in danger or can save them from any given situation. It’s a slow process because she makes each student trust her enough to listen to what she says.

6. Shin Sung Rok (My Love From The Star)

Let’s be real, Shin Sung Rok really gets the villain role down pat. But, of course, you can always expect him to nail it whenever he is given a character with a sneaky or conniving personality.

An example of someone who was indeed very devious and untrustworthy would be Lee Jae Kyung from “My Love From The Star.” However, Shin Sung Rok’s performance as Lee Jae Kyung was very believable, and his crooked smiles were downright uncanny, leaving viewers feeling scared for Song Yi.

7. Jang Mi Kwan (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon)

The crime storyline in this series was the complete opposite of what we felt when the two main leads were on screen. Where Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik gave us feelings of butterflies and rainbows, the villain made us feel anxious and uneasy.

Jang Mi Kwan starred as the kidnapper who would take women and confine them in jail cells during his secret hideout. He also wore a very eerie mask that added to the creepiness of this character and this role! This was Jang Mi Kwan’s debut role.

8. Jo Sung Ha (Save Me)

The most psychologically disturbing villains don’t always take the form of evil overlords or witches who went bad. Sometimes, it’s the quiet ones that go unnoticed that give us nightmares for years to come. Say, for example, Baek Jung Gi, who at first glance appears to be just an average priest, but goes on to manipulate and brainwash his congregation against their will!

He tries to control weaker people, and he doesn’t really care if they like it or not. He acts like a player and even tries to marry off young girls by claiming it’s for a higher purpose – but we all know where his true motives lie!

9. Mo Tae Gu (Voice)

Kim Jae Wook role as a sociopath serial killer was truly disturbing at times. The fact that he smiled or even laughed about all of his victims really made my skin crawl. What’s admirable, though, is that he was able to play a compelling and enticing character despite all this.

He found joy in the fact that it wasn’t easy for investigators to track him down, and he was strange and scary. He is one of the most disturbing K-Drama villains ever – one who was impossible to forget about!

10. Namgoong Min (The Girl Who Sees Smells)

Namgoong Min has a talent for bringing a newfound appreciation to the world of acting. His relaxed yet confident delivery will have you wishing you were as cool as he is – even if he seems creepy at first.

Namgoong Min performs like a professional and does an excellent job in his role, playing a psychopath very well. His transformation from Kwon Jae Hee to the psychopath is frightening but entertaining.

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