10 Time Travel K-drama you should watch

 | 10 Time Travel K-drama you should watch

Have you ever thought of travelling time and experience different generations? No worries, you can feel that moment by watching these dramas I have listed below. No doubt, Korean dramas are an addiction, I guess it’s right. Usually, time travel is a common symbol used in Korean dramas to solve mysteries, find love, etc.

Here are the best k-drama about time travel you should watch.

1. Tunnel


 | 10 Time Travel K-drama you should watch

Tunnel is a K-drama inspired by a famous serial murder case from the ’80s and ’90s. This drama centres around an honest detective in 1986. After finding his true love and getting married, he takes on a serial homicide case. While chasing a suspect through a tunnel, he finds himself propelled 30 years into the longer term once he exits the tunnel through the opposite side.

And the murderer remains at large. Distraught throughout his life, he believes that catching the culprit will send him back to his own time, possibly getting to ruins without him. But, he meets familiar characters from his past and a couple of surprises during this future world.

2. The King: Eternal Monarch

 | 10 Time Travel K-drama you should watch

The King Eternal Monarch is an outstanding Korean drama I have watched till now. Why? Because of the parallel universes, time travel, a handsome king, a strong female detective, tragedy, no-cliché straight forward, and romance. etc., are well performed. I could watch this drama over and over again.

The show tells the story of Lee Gon, a Korean emperor who rules The Kingdom of Corea and discovers a portal opening in the bamboo forest that leads him to a parallel universe—the world where we live today. He meets and falls in love with a detective named Jung Tae-eul in this world, and they have to work together to close this time portal before their two worlds collide and freeze in time forever.

3. Signal

 | 10 Time Travel K-drama you should watch

Signal shows a young profiler named Park Hae Young within 2015 acquires a mysterious walkie-talkie. Through the walkie-talkie, he was then allowed to speak with a detective 1989 named Lee Jae Han.

What is interesting during this drama is that they’re working together through a walkie-talkie and talking with someone from the past. With the assistance from Lee Jae Han, Park Hae Young was ready to solve unsolved cases in the past. How amazing is that! To not mention that the most cast and supporting roles of the drama really played their role remarkably.

4. Tomorrow, With You

 | 10 Time Travel K-drama you should watch

A fantasy romantic comedy-drama depicts a story between a time traveller Yoo So Joon, who travels through time interchangeably via station. He travelled within the future and foresees his death unknowingly discovers a mysterious reference to a lady named Song Ma Rin, an amateur photographer who indirectly saved his life previously.

He realizes that being with the lady actually will prevent his death. Yoo So Joon decided to marry Song Ma Rin to avoid his death, but as he gets closer to her, he gradually develops feelings for her and tries to like and protect her in any way that he can.

This drama shows how, as an individual, knowing the longer-term tries to vary his fate. However, knowing your future and changing it’d have a special impact on his life. Although the plot building may be a bit slow, this is often one among the must-watch time travel Korean dramas with great chemistry!

5. Mr. Queen

 | 10 Time Travel K-drama you should watch

Mr. Queen will have viewers laughing from start to end while also clutching onto their seats watching the drama unfold. It’s an unconventional story of your time travel that works wonders. A hotshot male chef finds himself transported to the Joseon era, but not as himself but within the body of the Queen Cheorin.

Along the way, while trying to evolve to the present period as a lady, he gets caught within the political turmoil of the dominion. Therefore the king is not the stupid and undetermined ruler that everyone thinks. He’s. Actually, he’s cunning, mysterious, and seeking the reality behind those that wish to dethrone him.

6. Chicago Typewriter

 | 10 Time Travel K-drama you should watch

The time travel concept during this drama is described as reincarnation. Three resistance fighters from the 1930s Japanese occupation of Korea find themselves during a new period of time during which they’re reincarnated as writers, fans, and ghostwriters.

Switching between the 1930s and, therefore, the 21st century, these three characters start to ascertain parallels between both time periods. But, as they begin to uncover the reality behind their pasts, they worry it’d affect their current present.

7. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

 | 10 Time Travel K-drama you should watch

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is certainly one of the foremost talked-about K-dramas, and it’s everything from time travel, romance, and political intrigue. Even this drama shows the number of the foremost heart-wrenching scenes. A 25-year-old woman living within the 21st century has travelled back to the past Goryeo Dynasty.

Waking up during a new identity, she is amongst the royal princes of the Wang family. She initially falls among the kind-hearted princes, but she is soon pulled in by the brooding and dark fourth prince. During her romance, she gets caught within the middle of political turmoil during a battle for the throne.

8. Sisyphus: The Myth

 | 10 Time Travel K-drama you should watch

This 2021 K-drama has some serious Terminator vibes thereto, but it’s filled with good laughs, colour, and drama. Han Tae-Sul may be a talented engineer who is decided to uncover the important reason behind his older brother’s murder. If that wasn’t enough, the storyline introduces a personality who travels from the longer term to his current time.

In the future, the planet is dominated by gangs and military cliques. To survive, you would like some great combat skills. Gang Seo-Hae is simply the proper warrior. She travels back in time to assist Tae-Sul on his dangerous journey after learning key evidence about his brother’s death.

9. Hit the Top

 | 10 Time Travel K-drama you should watch

Yoo Hyun-Jae, a well-liked but problematic pop idol within the early 1990s, accidentally travels through time and finishes in 2017. However, upon checking out that he mysteriously disappears within 1994, he sets bent to investigate the rationale behind his disappearance and hopefully change his fate. Within the process, he crosses paths with student and childhood friend Choi Woo-Seung and aspiring idol trainee Lee Ji-hoon.

This is a story of love, passion, and friendship. While Lee Ji-Hoon is an aspiring singer who pretends to study for his civil servant exam, he actually wants to become an idol. I personally suggest you watch this drama.

10. Alice

 | 10 Time Travel K-drama you should watch

Park Jin Gyum may be a detective checking out about people travelling from the longer-term through an area called Alice. The most purpose of Alice is to supply healing for clients within the future who had some bad experiences within the past.

So that they get to travel back to repair it. While investigating, Park Jin Gyum meets a lady who totally seems like his dead mom.

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 | 10 Time Travel K-drama you should watch
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