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10 Best C-Drama of All Time

In this century, the Asian entertainment industry is gaining fans all over the world. China also includes in this race. Most people are liking Chinese Dramas and enjoying their cultural beauty.

If you are already into Chinese Dramas, maybe you will find something new on this list. Here, you will see the 10 best and popular and fan-following Chinese dramas of all time, even they are my favourite ones.

1. The Untamed


THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best C-Drama of All Time

The Untamed is based on the historical novel of the same name written by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu.  The series depicts a fictional Xianxia world where humans attempt to cultivate the state of immortality known as Xian. The Untamed is one of the most highly rated Chinese Dramas that includes the adventure of two fearless men on a mission to banish the evil in the kingdom.

This drama includes Bromance, a Comedy that sets the cool genre. I highly recommend you watch this if you have just started watching Chinese Dramas. This drama is easily available on Netflix & Viki. If you want to watch this free, try to surf it on telegram (an app available in the play store).

2. Eternal Love


THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best C-Drama of All Time

Eternal Love reached more than 50 billion views. It is also known as Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, is considered the most-watched television drama in China. The drama is based on the xianxia novel written by Tang Qi. Wanna dive into this drama? Yes? If you love to watch or feel stories about gods, goddesses, immortals, and demons, you are watching the right drama.

Eternal Love is full of fantasies, romance, and adventures that will blow your mind. The story is about love that lives for thousands of years across several lifetimes. Once there was a Fox spirit, and the Crown Prince of the Heavens fall in love.

However, they face many challenges before they find each other again in another lifetime, in another world. Will they find each other again in three different lives, in three other worlds?

3. Love O2O

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best C-Drama of All Time

If you are searching for a light love story, Love O2O is fresh air to breathe. I highly recommend you all to watch this beautiful drama which has unique plots and romance.

The story centres on the foremost popular boy on the college campus, who happens to be a gaming expert and a great computing major. He desperately falls crazy with this gorgeous girl the first time he meets her at an online cafe (where she was playing games with another gamer). Soon, she will learn that he’s interested in her not for her beauty but for her gaming skills!

4. Nirvana in Fire

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best C-Drama of All Time

This tells the story of a betrayal that caused the deaths of 70,000 loyal army soldiers—and how one survivor returns to make sure that the traitors pay the worth. The action occurs in one of the foremost chaotic periods in China’s history when the country was divided into Northern and Southern dynasties.

If you’re trying to find an intense drama with a sophisticated, mind-blowing screenplay, beautiful cinematography, top-notch action, incredible characters, and far intrigue, look no further. You will not want to miss this magnificent series.

5. Love Till the End of Summer

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best C-Drama of All Time

Love Till the end of Summer is another Chinese drama supporting a novel; it’s adapted from Guo Jingming’s novel of an equivalent name. Spanning a period of 10 years, this series is a few sets of young and impressive school friends whose paths diverge after graduation. Most are pursuing their dreams, but each faces challenges: struggles, departures, imprisonments, betrayals, or deaths of loved ones. Each friend is changing, and that they begin to doubt the friendship of the others.

This drama shows us what we all know to be true: that life isn’t a bed of roses. It isn’t always smooth, and it isn’t always as easy as we might hope. Yet, despite this, true friendships play a crucial role in our lives, as this series demonstrates.

6. A Love So Beautiful

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best C-Drama of All Time

A Love So Beautiful is a story about school classmates. A cheerful girl likes the “perfect” guy, known for his attractiveness and high grades. This drama has shown the light on their life in high school and adventures with their classmates, etc.

If sweet, simple stories are your cup of tea, don’t miss this drama! A Love So Beautiful is an innocent and lightweight drama mainly during high school life, though it moves on to adult life later. Cute and heartwarming!

7. Here to Heart

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best C-Drama of All Time

Here to Heart is filmed in the novel The Warm Chord, written by An Ning. So, if you would like to dive into a world filled with love, hate, and revenge, give this drama a shot!

This story is about few young love that’s profound and eternal. A young couple has been separated thanks to a tragic accident. Even after a decade passes, their wounds haven’t healed. They both found new companions, but deep in their hearts, they still feel lonely.

Their love is sort of a war during which no side wants to surrender. But then, the person announces he’s marrying another woman. Is it because he wants revenge? Ten years ago, his beloved suddenly disappeared saying a word, causing him deep pain.

8. Put Your Head on My Shoulder

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best C-Drama of All Time

Regarded as one of the foremost popular romantic dramas of 2019, ‘Put your head on my Shoulder’ may be a show that you simply didn’t know you needed in your life.

Si Tu Mo is a cheerful girl who is about to complete her graduation and has no clue what to do next. Simultaneously, Gu Wei Yi enters her life, who may be a pretty famous and smart guy within the school. Their paths sometimes cross, creating a touch spark between them, but things change completely once they accidentally become roommates.

9. Meteor Garden

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best C-Drama of All Time

Inspired by a Japanese Manga series Hana Yori Dango, this story has already been made into drama 5-6 times, and Meteor Garden is one among them.

Shan Cai is a hard-working girl who comes from a poor family. She gets a scholarship at a prestigious school for the rich. However, she finds that all students are feared by four famous rich boys called F4, who wish to bully other kids. Shan Cai’s days at college were bad as she couldn’t recover with other students of upper status but later becomes worse when she becomes the new bullying target of the F4.

‘Meteor Garden’ is one of the classic Chinese dramas with an enormous fan following. The drama shows everything. It’s a comedy. It’s friendship, romance, drama, and youthful energy.

10. Legend of Fuyao

THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best C-Drama of All Time

Inspired by a novel called ‘Empress Fu Yao’, the story is full of fantasy and adventure, which we all know as a deadly combo.

The story starts with Fu Yao, who’s a slave girl within the Taiyuan Kingdom. After suffering through countless tragedies, Prince Zhang Sun Wu Ji saved her. Together, they plan to go on a journey to seek out the origin of Fuyao’s birth and dispel the curse imposed on her. And, of course, it is an epic love story! Must watch.

Comment down your favourite drama. And tell us your thought about it.

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THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best C-Drama of All Time
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THE DRAMA PARADISE | 10 Best C-Drama of All Time