Goblin K-Drama Review: Why You Should Watch?

 | Goblin K-Drama Review: Why You Should Watch?

What if you come to know many interesting things like a human who has been punished with immortality for over 900 years, “Goblin”, a grim reaper who is 300 years old and has no memory of his past, and a human girl who sees ghosts. It is a story that makes you laugh your hearts out and makes you live it, like seriously love it.

The story is a masterpiece. It tells about fateful love that was meant to come together just to fall apart, a kind of doomed love.  Goblin centres on a particular man named “Kim Shin”, an unbeatable general during his time (Pre-modern Korean era). I even have a soft spot for history, so my attention was grabbed.

The Plot

 | Goblin K-Drama Review: Why You Should Watch?

Goblin is a fantasy romance drama. The goblin seeks to finish his cursed immortal life and wishes for a bride to remove his curse in modern times. Aftermath, his life becomes intertwined with a Grim Reaper who is unable to recollect his past memories. But when the goblin finally finds his bride, he suddenly wants to be together with her.

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Goblin is an epic tale. It had been quite an interesting ride crammed with some amazing characters, talented actors, and a fresh and unique story woven beautifully throughout each episode.

Overall rating 10/10, why? The acting skills of the main leads as well as support leads are so realistic. Frankly, the storyline, I would say genius, one with moments from history, even with a modern-day and full of drama, comedy, and romance.

Main Characters

 | Goblin K-Drama Review: Why You Should Watch?


Gong Yoo an immortal Goblin who can only be killed by his true love. His true love (Goblin’s bride) is a sarcastic, wise-cracking youngster who will never intend to kill her supernatural sweetie.

The age gap between Goblin, a person that appears to be about 30 years old, and Eun Tak, a high school student, could seem a touch awkward initially. Still, I promise you’ll soon recover from it with their overpowering chemistry and storyline.

Support Characters

 | Goblin K-Drama Review: Why You Should Watch?

The storyline states that the Grim Reaper and Sunny are linked to each other. Gong Yoo’s (Goblin) keeps a portrait of his sister in his past life. When he held Sunny’s hand, he got a chance to see her past life, and it turns out that Sunny is her younger sister Kim Sun who was reincarnated.

The connection between the grim reaper and sunny was revealed when the Grim reaper cried after looking at the portrait of the unknown woman in the Goblin scroll. As he already doesn’t know anything about his past. His reaction was the same as when he saw Sunny for the first time.


 | Goblin K-Drama Review: Why You Should Watch?

This whole drama was filmed in beautiful special places. I felt like it is a high-budget movie rather than a TV drama. The lighting and camera angles give off a pure and romantic feel.

The graphics for the sci-fi magical scenes were incorporated realistically. The locations they filmed were stunning, think like buckwheat fields in the dark, the ocean on a stormy day, and therefore the French-influenced Quebec, Canada.


 | Goblin K-Drama Review: Why You Should Watch?

The entire OST has 14 parts, and yeah, those are pure angel bells to the ears. The vocals are like, you will say “oh my heart”, the melody will definitely melt your heart, and the tunes in every drama scene are more realistic. These OSTs had been on top of several music charts for some time.

I still listen to these OSTs. I don’t know how to describe that feeling an OST gives me. These are already available on Spotify. Go and listen to them right now if you haven’t listened to them yet.

Last Thought

If you haven’t watched this drama yet, don’t just wait. Watch right now. It is available on Viu or Netflix (which requires a subscription). Then, try Kissasian or Dramacool (If you wanna watch it for free).

The most important thing, the background story of Goblin, is a definite reason to give this drama a shot. This drama is one of my favourite of the top 3 dramas. So tell me what do you think about this drama. Comment down below for your thoughts.


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 | Goblin K-Drama Review: Why You Should Watch?
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 | Goblin K-Drama Review: Why You Should Watch?