20 Most Followed Korean Actors And Kpop Idols On Instagram

Most Korean actors have Instagram accounts, and some have a lot of followers! But, of course, the most famous ones use their account a lot and even update them once in a while. Anyway, the point here is that you’ll want to know which Korean actors actively use Instagram and if they’re worth following.

Do not get left behind on all the current social media hype! Make sure you are still following your favourite actors! Here’s a list of the ones who seem to be having fun flaunting their lives online.

1. Lee MinHo – 25.6m followers – @actorleeminho

2. Cha EunWoo – 22.9m followers – @eunwo.o_c

3. Lee JongSuk – 20m followers – @jongsuk0206

4. Park SeoJun – 19.2m followers – @bn_sj2013

5. Ji ChangWook – 17.3m followers – @jichangwook

6. Nam JooHyuk – 16.1m followers – @skawngur

7. Kai – 12.8m followers – @zkdlin

8. Kim SooHyun – 11.4m followers – @soohyun_k216

9. Lee DongWook – 11.1m followers – @leedongwook_official

10. Song Kang – 10.2m – @songkang_b

11. Hwang InYeop – 10.2m followers – @hi_high_hiy

12. SuHo – 9.2m followers – @kimjuncotton

13. JinYoung – 8.8m followers – @jinyoung_0922jy

14. JaeHyun – 8.8m Followers – @_jeongjaehyun

15. SHINee’s Key – 8.4m followers – @bumkeyk

16. SiWon – 8.2m followers – @siwonchoi

17. Park HyungSik – 6.8m followers – @phs1116

18. DongHae – 6.6m followers – @leedonghae

19. Song JoongKi – 6.4m followers – @hi_songjoongki

20. Lee JoonGi – 5.7m followers – @actor_jg

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