5 Korean Actors Riding Motorbikes That Will Make Your Hearts Flutter

If there’s one thing that can make any K-Drama fan go weak at the knees, it has to be watching a great motorbike scene. We’re talking drifting through busy roads, tires making smoke while riders look like they belong to their own cool sub-culture. We can’t help but pause and take a closer look at these actors as they so effortlessly pull off this incredible stunt.

Here are 5 Korean actors who look so cool on bikes.

1. Ji ChangWook

Not only does he ride a motorbike in his dramas, but he’s also a dirt biker in real life! The actor has been into biking since he was young. Watch the latest episodes of I’m a slacker to see what he gets up to.

2. Hyun Bin

Viewers had their mouths open in awe when Hyun Bin’s character, Ri Jeong Hyeok, jumped off his motorbike and ran to take Song Yi.

3. Hwang InYoup

Fans would agree that the moment Hwang InYoup entered the scene on his motorbike, looking finer than ever, the world whipped out their cameras and snapped countless shots of his fine body.

Han SeoJun is always a joy to watch scoot around on his motorbike, and we’re so glad that the scenes emphasising this were included in “True Beauty”!

4. Kim WooBin

In a world of bad boys who all look the same, Kim Woo Bin stands out from the crowd. From his days as an idol to every drama that he’s been in, you can tell that this bad boy is not your usual type of heartthrob. Since everyone would probably fall in love with him more when they watch “The Heirs”.

5. GOT7’s JinYoung

GOT7 maknae (youngest member) JinYoung caught the hearts of many fans and viewers with his cameo and motorcycle stunt scene on “The Devil Judge”, a popular law-themed drama that had recently dominated viewership ratings.

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